A woman, a clear spectacle of the truth
A true vision of love
The sound of reality
The case that wins without proof
The submission that is above
The true sense of totality

Her sent sings away your sorrows
The sight of her undermines rays of the sun
and still she is able to attempt all abilities
Her touch signals an eternal hero
She is the reason you should be a man
Curves for days and for eternity

Her voice truly saves the world or intends to for that matter,
No doubt, she is a healer
A consistent and conventional lover
She collects all the scatters
Believe her because she is a believer
Ask Alicia, she is on fire.

Modern trend
Her gesture epic
Something like a wonder to discover
She is a mother, a sister, a wife, a worker, a singer, who for you, her rules bend,
Her being, symbolic
She is steadfast, rarely waivers.


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