IMAG0262 (1)

Finally, It was found
Beyond a shadow of a doubt
The reason
The meaning of crimson
Legs locked, back slouched
My sight got hold of of what pounced
The reason for my sulk
I identified it in bulk
All that while, it crept
It was something that denied me of myself

Oh yes, it had a holder
I tapped into what vulnerablized me
One, two, three
Bullets I embody
Still healing with the sorry
But he can never be sorry enough
He played with it, he was rough
It was perfect for the aim
I did not move, it is me I blame

It was always a message
Always a secret for wastage
I missed the mark
but I have a point of remark
The end of a story
It was born a tool
I killed it with the truth
I owed myself that
My regards

It resembles the user
with an attitude of the brewer
Who brewed and brewed
Until I was suddenly misunderstood
Oh yes, I played detective
I mean, I had to be aggressive
It was turned to be viral
Effects were brutal
I found it, I am all smiles
I can look at myself in the mirror for awhile!


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