Savvy Spice Savvy Spice

The inevitable manifests itself
its agenda is recognition
Recognition to control our minds in the absence of relief
Yet we are constantly on a conquest without solid vision
but there comes a time
when a beggar is dressed in dollar notes

Sometimes the stone you didn’t see is left unturned
then you trip and fall just before it
You realize that you not in the list of the knowledgeable as you planned
you are then inclined to embrace deceit
then you learn that there comes a time
when the pain in your stabbed back becomes the route to surreal pleasure

I looked left, I looked right, I looked left again
but my neck was only flung to an uncomfortable position
The efforts of my sight immediately became in vain
My thoughts were betrayed in all portion
So I see that there comes a time
when one’s true colors are more consuming than the quick sand

So many hours
So many promises summarized and broken
They are made taller than the tallest towers
Yet they are unreachable and untruly spoken
Dear, there comes a time
when you discard those whose understanding of you is minimal or null.