Beckons and beckons in the hallway

The neck on the verge of a boycott

The rhythm of palpitations in the twist of quests for destiny’s prey

My attention fell short

Because my attempt to capture the voice was left to my dismay

My sight was a liar of sorts

The light was not green.

I forgot to ask a question

I did not plan for a meeting with defeat

Was it the sound of resilience that my hearing rested upon?

I had it in my diary; my dressing for the occasion was neat

It was a dangerous corner to be ambushed by disappointment’s stone

The encounter was supposed to be discrete

But the light was not green

I was in search of the great mistake

Maybe it could have been reincarnated in the tuneless song

But it was getting late and my purpose was at stake

A car beeped and I spotted the chaperone

The impression iced the bitter cake

I had to teach my feet the pace of my heartbeat for I could no longer swallow

The light was never green


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