The beckoning of relief amid extremes
overturning the deafening of situations within
Brightening the light of merriness in a deluded whim
Aspirations, proclamations and realization of a new thing
Mostly stuck in a dream
Immortality of desire, satisfaction of positive voices that sing

Suffocating, breathtaking but still it has meaning
Life is strange as the reincarnation of a whirlwind
Fond hearts leap to relate it to more of something, less of nothing
As they dodge disbelief and uncertainty of inexplicable imprints,
They still afford to power a smile on our being
Swallow, choke, rewind

I saw the unmatchable glitters through the broken wall
I suddenly bit my tongue on the verge of lamentations
The warmth and tenderness of a purified soul
released my eyesight from its bondage of afflictions
I almost whistled like the free and immaculate bird out of its hole
It was true, gratitude is the purest form of affection

Warm wishes in this festive season from Poetic-Couture. You are loved :-*


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