mind of

I hear voices, imagine faces
The gathering of a mixed crowd
Memory traces
Some convinced, others in doubt
Astounding warmth in this cold compartment
A lifetime departure, permanent

The sermon is consistent
The words from my beloved
Similar to those from the loathers’ intent
an upside down of the world
Yet this bird is so persistent on this casket
like it was sent to bring a jacket

My tears internally dangerous
As the ravenous pretenders walk into my mansion
Am appalled at this distance
yet my joy covers my soul in oblivion
I wish I could afford a smile
so they could sink in comfort with a temporary sigh

I hope my purpose is reborn
So that my heart can pump again in the other world
and I rest in peace with satisfaction
at least I can fly with this stubborn bird
The weight of the flowers on me
Show the essence I was to reality



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