The riveting chances that admire the hope inside
The light that begs for an invite in the dark room
Time has its pride
It never lets you rest to soon, from noon to noon
Walls close in to snatch the solace of which am deprived
But its at the core where I find my inner strength
The battle in my head, persistent like the ghost of Macbeth

I traveled through the dungeons that hid behind the hope
The sounds of promising whispers that barricaded the truth
The writings on the wall that vanquished into the horizons of a fallen pope
My candid steps aiming at the oak tree
The meadows between the split seas, uncouth,
I am lost, I plan to retrace my footsteps
Is this a bondage that is free?
Free from the desired of nurtured growth?

It keeps on going round, making circles
and it makes me believe am a mistake
A mistake that is only made of a sincere soul
Yet the distance I make
is then only ten steps back
back to where my heart was at stake
It is always dawn to dusk
Regardless of when I am awake


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