Just one of those days
Just one of those days
Why is ice so cold?
Why are dark clouds so bold?
Why is your conscience so old?
Did the crescent moon unfold?
Destiny is eventuality, so I was told
but does it run on episodes or is its means often sold?
Lo and behold
Did you find it when you strolled?
For I was told your purpose called

Why should I yearn?
Just so my dreams can be burned?
Why should I rise and learn?
yet the lessons strike harder than the scorching sun
Why does my watch say its one
when am not even close to being done?
Why does hope blow my mind like an uncontrollable fan
yet am the prodigal son?
Why is it so difficult to be a man??

Why is the sun shining amidst the rain?
Does this mean there is any gain?
Is it something that can sustain?
Are there three sides on a coin?
or does what I see remain?
Why are there many voices in my brain?
Why are there sad moments that it has to retain?
Why do we walk right into pain?
Why do we ask ourselves questions again and again??


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