intimacySilent whispers
body to body
Fingers running through curvy features
warmth and tenderness captures the story
Slowly and subtly
palm on palm
Looking into the eyes of the other side desperately
It must be all, it cant be some
A slide of pleasure
A longing I cant measure

Sightly above, slightly under
A wave of motion with caution
Not even breath can bring us asunder
Entrenched in lethal passion
raked hair
soft lips
Time is unfair
precious moments it sips
I see your thoughts
As you draw them with your eyes its easy to sort

You want, I want
Emotional cyclone
Uncontrolled pants
Like dogs running for the bone
A pirate and a sailor in collision
Inevitable merger
Intense impression
As sure as a soldier
sensation race
Finishing at the same place


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