Kendrick-Lamar-Saturday-Night-LiveThey say that if you can’t stand the heat you should stay out of the kitchen but the more i think of it i feel that we are in love with fire. We love to be burnt, the sensation is thrilling even if the aftermath is detrimental. This heat am talking about is peer pressure. Regardless of how fast I realize and flip from the actions am inclined to because of it, I am guilty as charged. The funny thing is that you know it exists but you are rarely conscious when its no longer the finger dipped but the entire body that sinks as fast as you blink. It starts with you as an audience to a smoker or a drinkers game. Then its spreads to your knowledge of the behavioral doctrine. Then you are absolutely oblivious at that juncture which turns you to the left of what is right. Slowly you start gasping for that blunt or that bottle then suddenly you are a drug slave. Then it becomes a membership, sort of an organized crime and you are the chief recruiter. You wonder, how the hell did you get there? because you definitely cannot find your way back and even if there is one, it will be a long journey of thorned ground. What consoles you is that life is short so breaking the rules is primary but the sad truth is that you are actually shortening your short life. Anyway, besides the drug syndrome, the point is that peer pressure is the villain to which we are unconsciously submissive. There are always those people who have a certain influence on us and mostly it is on the bad side. The question is what influence do you have on others?

Well, today’s pen and paper point attempts to be subtly educative or mind boggling by raising this issue in through a hip hop mind. Though the best part is that we feature a very outstanding, talented, sound and cute rapper who to me has distinction in his game because he possesses the essence of old school music in new school rap. Who else rather than the ever calm and collected Kendrick Lamar. According to his biography he says he is crazy in the head because he has a lot to say but finds himself unable to say all. That’s creativity right there that can explode like a time bomb. His role model was and still is Tupac Shakur and this makes it clear why i connect with him through his rhymes. Am routing for him to win more and more awards because his music makes sense effortlessly. In relation to our edition today, Kendrick’s track, ‘The Art of Peer Pressure’ creates a continuum to my earlier sentiments. His story in this track is quite picturesque and explicit as it shows the realities of our behaviors through the company of others. Enjoy the lyrics.

Everybody, every body, everybody
Everybody sit your b*** a*** down and listen
To this true story told by Kendrick Lamar

Smoking on the finest dope, aye aye, aye, aye
Drank until I can’t no more, aye, aye, aye, aye
Really I’m a sober soul but I’m with the homies right now
And we ain’t asking for no favors
Rush a nigga quick then laugh about it later, aye, aye, aye, aye
Really I’m a peacemaker but I’m with the homies right now
And momma used to say
One day, it’s gon’ burn you out, out
One day, it’s gon’ burn you out
One day, it’s gon’ burn you out
One day, it’s gon’ burn you out
I’m with the homies right now

(Verse 1)
Me and my niggas four deep in a white Toyota
A quarter tank of gas, one pistol, and orange soda
Janky stash box when the federales roll up
Basketball shorts with the Gonzales Park odor
We on the mission for bad bitches and trouble
I hope the universe love you today
‘Cause the energy we bringing sure to carry you away
A flock of positive activists and fill the body with hate
If it’s necessary
Bumping Jeezy first album looking distracted
Speaking language only we know, you think is an accent
The windows roll down all I see is a hand pass it
Hotboxing like George Foreman grilling the masses
Of the working world, we pulled up on a bunch of working girls
And ask them what they working with-look at me
I got the blunt in my mouth
Usually I’m drug-free, but shit I’m with the homies

(Yea nigga, we off a pill and Remy Red
Come through and bust ya head nigga)
Me and the homies
(Sag all the way to the liquor store
Where my niggas pour up 4 and get twisted some more)
Me and the homies
(I ride for my mothafuckin’ niggas
Hop out, do my stuff, then hope back in)
Me and my homies
(Matter fact, I hop out that mothafucka and be like
“Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo!…Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo!”)

(Verse 2)
It’s 2:30 and the sun is beaming
Air conditioner broke and I hear my stomach screaming
Hungry for anything unhealthy and if nutrition can help me
I’ll tell you to suck my **** then I’ll continue eating
We speeding on the 405 passing Westchester
You know the light skin girls in all the little dresses, good Lord
They knew we weren’t from ’round there
‘Cause every time we down there we pulling out the Boost Mobile sim cards
Bougie bitches with no extensions
Hood niggas with bad intentions, the perfect combination
Before we sparked a conversation
We seen three niggas in colors we didn’t like then started interrogating
I never was a gangbanger, I mean I was never stranger to the folk neither
I really doubt it
Rush a nigga quick and then we laugh about it
That’s ironic ’cause I’ve never been violent, until I’m with the homies

(Just ridin’, just ridin’)
Me and the homies
(Bullshittin’, actin’ a fool)
Me and the homies
(Trippin’, really trippin’)
Me and the homies
(Just ridin’, just ridin’, just ridin’…)

(Verse 3)
Bragging ’bout the episode we just had
A shot of Hennesey didn’t make me feel that bad
I’m usually a true firm believer of bad karma
Consequences from evil will make your past haunt you
We tryna conquer the city with disobedience
Quick to turn it up, even if we ain’t got the CD in
But Jeezy still playing and our attitude is still ” nigga, what is you saying”
Pull in front of the house that we been camping out for like two months
The sun is going down as we take whatever we want
(Ay, Ay, nigga jackpot nigga, pop the safe
Ay nigga, I think it’s somebody in this room
Wait, what?
Nigga, it’s somebody in this room!)
I hit the back window in search of any Nintendo
DVDs, plasma screen TVs in the trunk
We made a right, then made a left, then made a right
Then made a left, we was just circling life
My mama called – “Hello? What you doin’?”
“Kicking it”
I should have told her I’m probably ’bout to catch my first offense with the homies

But they made a right, they made a left then made a right
Then another right
One lucky night with the homies

K. Dot, you faded, hood
Yea we finally got that nigga faded. I think he hit the wrong blunt though
Ooh, which one?
Well which one he talking ’bout? I was finna hit the one with the shenanigans in it
I pray he ain’t hit that
Nah, that nigga straight. He ain’t hit that one
Got the shenanigans? Give that nigga the shenanigans
Nigga I think we should push back to the city, for real doe nigga, for what?
What that nigga, what’s that Jeezy song say nigga
“Last time I checked I was the man on these streets!”
Yea, yea, that shit right there. I’m tryna be the nigga in the street
There he go. Man you don’t even know how the shit go
Look, here’s the plan luv. We gon’ use the kickback as a alibi
Wait ’til the sun go down, roll out, complete the mission, drop K. Dot off at his mama van, at the park, cause I know he trying to fuck on Sherane tonight
That’s what heā€™s not gon’ do. Then we all gon’ meet back at the block at about 10:30
That’s straight but we should meet up around 12, I’m tryna f*** on something too
That’s straight but we should meet up around 12, I’m tryna fuck on something too
Nigga sit yo dumb ass back down, nigga you ain’t doing shit tonight.
Matter fact, nigga get in the mothafuckin’ car. We finna get active.


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