I see the wave of the pilgrims
the idea of a special dream
A certain age
Perhaps maybe a different age
Running through drain
somewhat the last drop saved again
Re-occurrence and a note to chance
Re-birth, renaissance

A close call
An almost fall
Between the lines
Above the mind
The marriage of possibilities and a tall order
A ride to the start of a mountain, at the border
Curtains suspended midway
The show must be at its tipping point anyway,

Beyond rose colored glasses
Sight of the masses
of what lay underneath
of the strength unseen when weak
Where is that feeling?
Am already at the ceiling
And I can’t see a thing, sigh
But there’s still the sky

Orientation of patience
Relates to the earlier intricate coincidence
The words of a wordmonger
A broken finger
But still words are put on pen and paper
Concussion, neither is easier
Yes,it was this lane
Now am sane again!
Where was I?
Life is a surprise!


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