The tropical aura
The unawareness of the beautiful fauna and flora
Manzi si tabia, ni sura
The hassle and bassle of Ochieng and Nyambura
The beckoning of the last minute rush
Solar ya Nai ya mapozi na tena ya tafash
Bado dame kung’ang’ana na boots za enkarasha
Cocktail booze in the rooftop bash
Only in Kenya!

43 ways to say hi and bye
The beggar who pulled out his eye
Always set out in queues to lie
Tears of taxes to cry
Creativity nayo?
Everyone a sister and brother to President O
Marveled and intrigued by a soul named Sonko
Politics zinacome zinago
Only in Kenya!

Chopsticks in a mini
Unaconiwa huamini
Loud music kwa mathree and across the scene
Annoyance gradually funny
Only in Kenya!

The relaxed nerve of Coasterians
The hastiness of Nairobians
The club naivety of ex-highschoolerians
The night lights that sustain the beauty of being Kenyan
Only in Kenya!

I Pledge allegiance to the flag
Packs of pride in my bag
Everyone deserves a hug
to crush the tribalism bug
A Kemboid race
A Lupitad art
An Adongod game
My contribution to the name
Only in Kenya!


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