A rock and a hard place
Drunk with reasons and regrets
Lost without a trace
I delivered but was driven to debt
Was it a whirlwind of my efforts
that blew the intended fruits away?
A brown area and spot
an indignation of how my merriness is kept at bay

The shadow of who I was
The vision of who I choose to be
The music I opt to compose
To rely on the overlying success tree
My soul grinds the the sand

I feel their negative presence
but I’m stuck to my resilience
I beg the recognition of my sophistication
and the cease of my uncertainty
I’m already involved in a determination cruise-ship
I’m part of the crew but i choose to steer the wheel to my destiny
Through the direction of the Almighty
to stamp on the black aura
Indeed, the strategic pattern on my hand
I came, I saw, I conquered
The leads to a perfect chorus
(A blend of ankara and jeans by Frank Dior Designz)


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