The mind and heart in a persisting altercation

Trapped in an indecisive convulsion

Smelling the coffee at my awakened image

I pursue the knowledge of an emotional espionage

That strikes the posts of the truth

And brands the lies as uncouth

So that I can stride to my long awaited destination

So that I can sail through the remoteness of a desired convention

Of thoughts and ambitions of diminished impossibilities

Tickets and tithes of humilities

Is what is left of this drunken soul

It needs not a convoy of fake promises as I recall

But the hands of times that greets its resilience

I envision my spiritual mortality in deep silence

As my mind revolts in the battle with a snare of false hope

And the retaliation of the heart, encapsulated in a bow of atonement and sacrifice drops

The fight ends with my emotional unavailability

Unpublicized entity


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