Sparkling stars parade the sky

Desire to fly and pry

Pry on the reason behind the epic constellation

See if it terminates myriads of questions

If it matches the conspiracy of cruel intentions

Then maybe i could hasten my steps towards the end of the tunnel

Because assurance will have befallen my identity channel

To realize the relevance of impediments motivating my zeal

Impact of the clock’s clicks

Heart pounding, mind roving from past to present pricks

Pressure darting from all corners

Speeding for my attention in all manners

But i fail because of my entrenched regrets and mistakes

Spinning in wonderland and grappling with all it takes

To paint a picture of clarity on top of the darkness that abides

With the possibility of a breakthrough, my uncertainity for the future coincides

It is easy to whistle and to cough

But when the heart bleeds, only the brave manage to laugh

Breakdown of resilience slows me down

Complicated noises and unnecessary sound

A judge of my future

An advocate of my past

A victim of the present

A case lost

(Ankara Strapless Mermaid Dress by Mayeye Marcotte Designs @ kshs 6000)


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