I first met you
My knowledge saw its roots
Your creation indefinitely satisfied the Master’s view
Your eyes to blame for the bright beam on my face
At the brink of death with the rogue thirst for your embrace
Was that my heart? Had it just skipped a beat?
My introversion for a moment conceded defeat
The sound of your voice, breathtaking
Something must have been in you that i had been lacking

Everything in my mind stood still
The passion in me strong, I could feel
The strength of your laugh
Enough to lift me above
The facial expression
I am not strong enough even to mention
The intensity grew strong competing with the baobab tree
What could it have been?
I could hardly breath!

You held my hand
To part with it i was reluctant, I don’t understand
The slithery fear crept in
Was I losing independent me?
Since then, you set a camp on my mind
Looks crystal, I have fallen this time
Someone pick me up please
Am down on my knees
I never wanted to fall down with a thud
I could be hurt, bruised and bad
A fatal attraction, one of a kind
If only a gateway I could find
To loosen these chains
And screen the maybe aftermath pain



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