A bewildered mind

A disheartening sign

A fatigued will

Intricate steps to the road uphill

Modicum of hope lost

Disillusionment at its most

Obliged to say I can’t

Despite the hants and pants


Far from the start

Near the end but still apart

The strong wind swipes my faith

Persistent voice underneath

The delight of a stronghold

But fear unfolds

Which way to follow?Image

I have seen fire and rain

Kissed the disgusting lips of pain

The hot pot has burnt my hands

My feet insulted by the sand

Forcing me to concur with defeat

But I will feel incomplete

How far is my hidden treasure?

Am pushed away by lingering pressure


Am tagged a failure

Yet I sedulously work with no pleasure

If I cast down my crown

If I tear up my gown

Will I be wrong?

Enough of being strong

Sweat trickling betwixt my eyes




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