i thought sharpness determines the depth of the cut
that the bite of a snake is equivalent to a poisoned bloodstream
that an animal and a human being are two worlds apart
that the essence of humanity is embodied by respect as it seems
but wrong it is as calling black grey
mountains are termed so because of their peak
commonality of criminals remains going astray
i remember the fangs of the red mamba as i speak

memories of how it coiled around my naivety
strangled my conscience
paralyzed my dignity
threatened my defense
with uncouth forwardness
that ripped my identity apart
forcefully engaged me in a new world that drowned my kindness
draining my innocent blood was the red mamba’s plot

the pain that resulted still excruciates
a constant reminder of the unorthodox transition
a red mamba participates in all human context
yet has and implements radical thoughts of an animal
a reincarnation of the devil in his devious acts
i remain emotionally distraught and appalled
my cold blood remains my witness
my experience becomes my weapon
justice is my strength in my weakness
the red mamba’s ears must be answerable to the handcuff’s tone.


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