(so beImagecause i love u much mama n i pretty much look like u here…i shall remember u, miss u and love u with words though they are not enough)

heaven please

blow one more chance

so it stamps a kiss

on the creased heart at imbalance

few minutes to bid a beautiful soul

just a while before my hope falls

do not deny me this angel

obedient she is to your call

i would kiss your feet

if your presence i would meet


my tears soak up my sad face

the rope tightens as i choke

is this my last embrace?

it is your merciful conscience i poke

on my knees i am

and that is where i plan to be

until you finally confirm

my soul will still bleed

remould the clay of happiness

free me from this distress


if i should sing a song

if i could launch one wish

i would do it a day long

a sweet melody in lovely spanish

to slap the mean face of death

so its longing hands could repel

to preserve her precious breath

if only your mercy i could compel

release me from the bondage of fear

grant me this soul that is so dear



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