Love and hate?
in the same plate?
unpleasant vomit poking taste!
garbage bin for the waste
so much to compensate
to pertinently concentrate
on such inexplicable fate
rampant emotions in rageful, uncontrollable rate
better never than late
relationships equivalent to conterfeit
irreversible deceit, desperate
desperate to illustrate
the struggle of this imbalanced state
how much for you to participate?
and cooperate?
wishes and desires navigate
whirling of spite propagate
beginning and end refuse to relate
confluence of contrast and debate
words uttered, measured but still delicate
coordinate or retaliate?
definitely not stagnate!
a new personality to create
love and hate separate
dedicate to recuperate
what is left to anticipate?
disappointment to accumulate?
nothing to celebrate
patience disintegrates
only a fraction to commemorate
love dictates
hate impersonates
love and hate?
i can’t tolerate!


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