A bewildered mind

A disheartening sign

A fatigued will

Intricate steps to the road uphill

Modicum of hope lost

Disillusionment at its most

Obliged to say I can’t

Despite the hants and pants


Far from the start

Near the end but still apart

The strong wind swipes my faith

Persistent voice underneath

The delight of a stronghold

But fear unfolds

Which way to follow?Image

I have seen fire and rain

Kissed the disgusting lips of pain

The hot pot has burnt my hands

My feet insulted by the sand

Forcing me to concur with defeat

But I will feel incomplete

How far is my hidden treasure?

Am pushed away by lingering pressure


Am tagged a failure

Yet I sedulously work with no pleasure

If I cast down my crown

If I tear up my gown

Will I be wrong?

Enough of being strong

Sweat trickling betwixt my eyes






Love and hate?
in the same plate?
unpleasant vomit poking taste!
garbage bin for the waste
so much to compensate
to pertinently concentrate
on such inexplicable fate
rampant emotions in rageful, uncontrollable rate
better never than late
relationships equivalent to conterfeit
irreversible deceit, desperate
desperate to illustrate
the struggle of this imbalanced state
how much for you to participate?
and cooperate?
wishes and desires navigate
whirling of spite propagate
beginning and end refuse to relate
confluence of contrast and debate
words uttered, measured but still delicate
coordinate or retaliate?
definitely not stagnate!
a new personality to create
love and hate separate
dedicate to recuperate
what is left to anticipate?
disappointment to accumulate?
nothing to celebrate
patience disintegrates
only a fraction to commemorate
love dictates
hate impersonates
love and hate?
i can’t tolerate!



yesterday judges, today hopes, tomorrow unfolds
i did, i do, i will grow old
regrets march in with uncalled for demand
promises sneak and settle in the “i don’t know” land
faults masquerade themselves in excuses
and desires shoot their intents with potential success
the arena of lies and deceit
the shield of forgiveness and forgetting spirit
the bloodshed of personality
and the announcement of the truth as a fort in totality

i cried, i will smile
i lost, i will try
anything for that championship belt
nothing for how i felt
but am running backward and forward
all wards except a deserving award
i needed but now i need to need seriously
to wash the drenched past and respond to the future as it pleads
ignoring, retaining and embracing
definitely transforming and not conforming



i thought sharpness determines the depth of the cut
that the bite of a snake is equivalent to a poisoned bloodstream
that an animal and a human being are two worlds apart
that the essence of humanity is embodied by respect as it seems
but wrong it is as calling black grey
mountains are termed so because of their peak
commonality of criminals remains going astray
i remember the fangs of the red mamba as i speak

memories of how it coiled around my naivety
strangled my conscience
paralyzed my dignity
threatened my defense
with uncouth forwardness
that ripped my identity apart
forcefully engaged me in a new world that drowned my kindness
draining my innocent blood was the red mamba’s plot

the pain that resulted still excruciates
a constant reminder of the unorthodox transition
a red mamba participates in all human context
yet has and implements radical thoughts of an animal
a reincarnation of the devil in his devious acts
i remain emotionally distraught and appalled
my cold blood remains my witness
my experience becomes my weapon
justice is my strength in my weakness
the red mamba’s ears must be answerable to the handcuff’s tone.



the sun screams
penetration of rays bless the bed
darkness fled
farewell to dreams
blossoming of eye-candy flowers
telepathy with my open eyes
the clear, beautiful blue skies
what would have swallowed the hours?

continuous chirping of busy birds
fresh dew greets grass
it finally came to pass
on the table, a lucky card

promising atmosphere with intention
absolute relief
from misunderstood grief
comforting breeze ease tension

attitude moulded to optimism
eyes only attracted to bright colours
morning unfolded on us
tumour of enthusiasm


(so beImagecause i love u much mama n i pretty much look like u here…i shall remember u, miss u and love u with words though they are not enough)

heaven please

blow one more chance

so it stamps a kiss

on the creased heart at imbalance

few minutes to bid a beautiful soul

just a while before my hope falls

do not deny me this angel

obedient she is to your call

i would kiss your feet

if your presence i would meet


my tears soak up my sad face

the rope tightens as i choke

is this my last embrace?

it is your merciful conscience i poke

on my knees i am

and that is where i plan to be

until you finally confirm

my soul will still bleed

remould the clay of happiness

free me from this distress


if i should sing a song

if i could launch one wish

i would do it a day long

a sweet melody in lovely spanish

to slap the mean face of death

so its longing hands could repel

to preserve her precious breath

if only your mercy i could compel

release me from the bondage of fear

grant me this soul that is so dear




A trip to the past
flashes, decisions
the chosen one was
no flaws
almost perfect

realized a river between
desire of what would have been
a beautiful flower across
a coin i tossed
gravity weak on its case
slim balance exuding dilemma of faces

drawing the line
hunting for a sign
a call for distinction
to realize a solid decision
the mind in a mission
which is the convenient dimension?

which ear will hear best?
which part will outdo the rest?
delicate quest
which one is a mistake?
my life at stake
wish i i would drown my thoughts

a hint from the future
a rapid capture
to please a desired choice
the instinct voice
and shut the confused noise



this heartbreak is too loud
i can’t stand the sound!
the screeching sound of its broken pieces
my ears are allergic to such noises
i try to run away
but the noise is stuck to me, it stays
can someone save me from this pain?
am almost going insane

the more i turn down the volume
the more the loudness resumes!
like am in a cage with no air
this dead-end i can’t bear
it’s tearing me apart
feels like am under attack
my head spinning
the heartbreak in every way screaming

this has to stop!
am powerless with no control
this heartbreak is too loud
i can’t stand the sound
no escape, in need to be freed
thirsty to succeed
my desire remains to kill this pain
looking for peace with no choice but to gain
this heartbreak is too loud!
it is weighing me down



I hit the wall
my head became harder
you stepped on my toe
i learnt how to walk faster

you poisoned me with despicable words
they bore fruit of a sensible speaker in me
in my face life’s door was slammed
it brightened my face indeed

all the bullets of discouragement
left my skin tighter
you wanted me to lament
but now am wiser

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