Unlearn & Relearn

Photo by Anastacia Ischnopoulou

The Prowlers
It is a hectic day!! I am tired, but I need to make the 45-minute commute from the bus terminus to my place before I get the chance to take a cold shower and dive into my warm bed and sleep. Unfortunately for me, I have to spend another thirty minutes on the long queue before I can make this journey back home. The buses are stuck in traffic because it is rush hour, so I have to wait, though my leg aches from that grueling four-hour presentation on the next big thing in technology. As I await my turn on the queue, I engage in mind travel to a place where the events and people in my environment would take me. It’s my therapy for coping with bus delays or airport transfers.

It took me to the city of The Prowlers; the places for people who pop in and out of your life. The guy/lady who first ghosted you but came back to reignite the flame that you thought was dead. Interestingly, you wonder what this Prowler wants from you again, especially when you thought she/he was not really into you. Well, she/he is still not into you.

The Prowler is on the prowl because he or she is experiencing a lull in his/her dating life and your new social media photo or post just reminds him/her of the good moments. She/He knows that you are not the one for her/him but will still send you “I miss you” text to make you feel good and let her/him back into your life. Sadly, you will let him/her back into your life by replying the text message because you are confused, horny, bored, or in whatever emotional state that you’re in at the time.

Its time you unlearn this bad dating behavior and get a grip of your love life. Someone who pops in and out of your life is not worth the time that you give him/her. You are an option in the list of dating calls and would remain like that if you continue to engage him/her. Anyone who ghosted and prowls you afterwards deserves to be ghosted too!!!!

Finally, my bus arrives, and it’s time for another mind travel as I endure the drive home. I can’t wait to share with you another bad dating behavior that we need to unlearn next week.

By Oladimeji

Listen to your Heart

A Wide Bath For Sanity

This one is a different type of crazy
Making sense of it is not easy
Like you are all over my head it gets my hazy
After you unraveled my daisy
You got me thinking that maybe I want your baby
Now I have added one problem to my 99, am beyond Jay-z

How you made rounds like a tour guide
Left a rose inside
That continues to blossom even past the slide
You got me feeling like we run this shit-Bonnie and Clyde
Like all the time am down for crazy ride
I gave sanity a wide bath, so freaking wide!
📸 @ric.andy http://ricandy.me
Model @nonic_kamau

It’s Okay, It will be Okay

Unlearn & Relearn

Single Moms don’t play Dating Games

Finding love these days is as hard as passing the camel through the needle’s eye. As my friend once today me, you have to find out if he or she is really single, sleeping with the ex-lover single, or not living with his or her partner single to avoid heartache. But have you tried dating a single mom? You mean the same ladies who is daddy shopping or looking for someone to warm her bed at night? Yes, the same ones who decided not to abort her pregnancy because she was teenager, a student, or unmarried.

So what do we unlearn and relearn about the single parent?

First, a single mom is not desperate to find love or someone to warm her bed at night or has lowered her standard to date any man who will have her. Instead, she has raised the bar so high that most men cannot meet it, which makes us think they are unavailable or uninterested in us. However, you can break this Wall of Jericho by learning how to connect with her and helping her overcome her fears of toxic relationships and other issues that occurred in the past. She needs a respectful and considerate man who is not going to increase her stress levels because she has so much stuff on her plate already.

Second, daddy shopping is another assumption that you have to unlearn when you decide to date a single mom because that is not what she wants from you. She has been playing that role for many years and won’t stop now because she is dating you. Like every other woman, she is looking to create a stable and healthy relationship with someone who can fill the daddy role to her kids in the future. Moreover, she is looking for a partner that she can love and spend the rest of her life with.

Finally, you have to always remember that her kid(s) will always come first. In my experience, you don’t need to worry about whether she will love and care for you as much as you desire because that exactly what will do. As someone who is very busy trying to raise a child or children to become healthy and responsible adults, she won’t play dating games either. Her kids are there to play checkers, scrabble, and monopoly with her. Therefore, you need to be serious about your life and the relationship to make it work.

If you are a honest, sincere, considerate, employed, emotionally stable, respectful, single, single parent, and looking for a woman who can genuinely connect and fall in love with you, then date a single mom.

I would love to read your dating experiences with a single mom in the comment section. Let’s keep the conversations going as we continue to Unlearn and Relearn some of the things we know about how to make our relationships work.

By Oladimeji

Its’ okay, It Will Be Okay

It is Okay, It Will Be Okay

My loves, today was a new day

Tomorrow will be a new day

And I care to know how you are because I want to believe you are okay

That you are determined to beat those challenges in your way

See, your success is all about what you think and what you say

So you better profess today

That you are sure to be all you are purposed to be even when the breakthrough delays

That you are fashioned for excellence always

That the naysayers are neither your maker nor your mirror anyways!

That you believe in your ability to slay

Oh wait, allow me if you may

So that I can tell you that your beautiful soul can be a blessing to one whose tears are always on fay

So glide smoothly my loves to where your purpose today lays

Ps: I love you always

It’s okay, It will be Okay

The Power of Your Eyes

I won this petal-soft skin
When you gazed at me
There was this revitalizing chill that went right in
You furnished me with your eyes it seems
Now I am polished
Glimmed by the darts of you impressions
My insecurities were abolished
Your longing decorated my body and soul, my confession

How do you draw my silhouette with your lovely eyes?
Because for sure I can feel the thickness of the paint attached
The one with the colors you chose with a price
The texture and tone that you revealed with your blinks is unmatched,
How do your eyes find the keys to unchain me?
To make me anticipate and levitate
Continue coloring my soul with your thoughts so deep
Drag me to you so I can rest on love when I migrate
Model @mindyourbigness

Unlearn & Relearn

Photo by Ali Yanha on Unsplash

What is Love?

When someone loves another person, is it due to their feelings or choice? Are we in love with people because of the way they make us feel about ourselves or the decision to show them respect and care through our words and actions? I asked these questions because I often wonder what it means to love someone.

First, I believe that love is not a feeling but a choice that you are bound to someone for a lifetime. Second, it is the realization that a person is more than the body but a soul that you have chosen to connect and thrive with it in a relationship. Third, a person who is in love does not ride on the fickle feelings or emotions that exist for a limited period. Instead, he or she is the product of the processes that extends beyond the initial stages of physical attraction. Fourth, a person in love does not just respond to the physical attraction from others. Rather, he/she has chosen to be committed to protect the honor and enjoy the respect of his or her lover. Finally, love makes a person to make conscious efforts to remain in love with his or her lover.

What is your definition of love? Is it a feeling or a choice? I would love to read your opinions in the comment section. Let’s keep the conversations going as we continue to Unlearn and Relearn some of the things we know about how to make our relationships work.

By Oladimeji

I Bleed Not Because…

#ATribute To Sudan

I am still perturbed why animosity is a trend
How I became the worst seed in a pod
Yet nature states we are the same peas to the end
That no one should slit another’s throat out of a selfish accord
And now that my rights are far beyond, unapproachable tools, 
I am a dead person walking, I cannot feel
I bleed not because I need to
But because I was plucked out of my will

Just because I choose to free my voice
I am slapped by the vindictive mess of war
As I witness how the protection of women and children is dismissed as popular noise
How our men’s fight is futile as their bodies are sore
As we are forced to kiss the hands of death too
I am stuffed with a huge ball of fear
I bleed not because I need to
But because all of a sudden my power is unfamiliar

I am in denial that inhumanity reigns in a world of humans
That the essence of life is confused with the face of greed
That I am ashamed of the fame we get out of the massacre re-runs
It is a tragedy indeed
That the southern direction is doomed
That our flag has no more roo
I bleed not because I need to
But because they tainted my blue

I Bleed Not Because…

Temptuous Jungle

I am so coiled within the warmth of your bossom,
I want to be drunk of your kisses
That stare you have on me is awesome
In this pleasure I am your missis
We got married beneath the sheets
Yours was some type of ring
Some type of ring that helped me cling on your waist with my feet
This is a sensual song I will live to sing

I can feel you with my eyes closed
I endeavor to love you with my hands tied

It’s the magic that I have dreamt of the most
If I said I am only thirsty, I lied
The satisfaction of these desires is the outburst of an animal’s hunger
I am great in this temptuous jungle
Where the banger is meticulous in his action toward her
The experience is exquisite and exciting to handle
📸 @ric.andy – Instagram
Model @mindyourbigness – Instagram
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Unlearn & Relearn

Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash

The Time-Wasters

Time is the most expensive human commodity because it can never be regained when lost. A lot of people know this principle but are willing to still waste your time if you allow them. Sadly, that is what we do most of the time in our relationships both intimate and non-intimate ones. If you are dating anyone with these characteristics, its time to end the relationship if you want to enjoy its long-term benefits.

A guy or lady who acts all loving and says the right things without actions might be wasting your time. He or she is not interested in getting to know you and your value system. This type of people know that when they say the things you want to hear, you will trust and stay with them. So they are not willing to stay for a long time but want to enjoy long-term access to you and the benefits that come with it. You know the gifts, attention, dinner dates, and sexual intimacy are all that matter to them. The time waster is into you physically but not emotionally.

Secondly, a broke guy or lady will waste your time because of misplaced priorities. I know some people will say that everyone deserves a chance at love and I totally agree with them. However, any adult who is not investing all his or her time and energy into paying his or her bills will waste your time!!!!

The third type of timewaster is the one who shares his or her attention with you at the beginning of the relationship but cannot continue to do so. While this timewaster might appear similar to the first one, the difference is that he or she has some form of low-level emotional connection but is easily distracted. If she is involved with her phone on a date and rarely focus on the moment or conversation, She is a TimeWaster!!!! If he checks out all the ladies that passes by when you are together, He is a TimeWaster!!!!

Be on the look out for this type of these the attributes or any other type that you know. Remember your time is your most valuable asset. Please feel free to share your experience with a timewaster and let’s get the conversation going. Finally, continue to Unlearn the Dating Pitfalls and Relearn the Dating Enhancers.

By Oladimeji

Letting Go

Letting Go

She washes her hands

Never will she deep them there again

Once there was heaven here on earth

Now the heat of hell is all she hath

She used to laugh

Now life is tough

She tries to forget

But his is like a watch on reset

It all comes back to her

She fights, she tries to be stronger

The footsteps, they get heavier when she tries to get back on tracks

She wants to let go

But how, she does not know

She needs a break

But why are these voices in her head?

Sometimes she thinks she’s a priceless work of art,

She tries to put pieces of her broken heart

It’s hard but she has to

She’s gorgeous, it’s  true

Her face is all blue 

But she has to let go

This process is killing her

She wishes it never even started

Night are getting darker

She’s trying to press fast forward

Bottom line she wants to let go

To these memories, she has t o say bye

Even though they are precious inside

She needs to let go

This has to get into her thick skull

Chances of her happiness are void and null

She’s got no option, she has to let go

She doesn’t have to stay with someone

Who makes her cry?

She might end up killing

All the love she has inside

But it’s done already

She wants to kill it

She’s ready to commit this murder

And she never wants to bother

Her aim is to let go

Ebony Fire

Photo by Ric Andy

In love with the rays of the sun
My silhouette is tongue-tied
As the heat promised to never burn
And the warmth hugged me so tight
Gave me the orgasm that soaks my breath
So I am here for another round of its carresses
As I figure out it came in with such depth
The lack of its touch is senseless

The curves of my body will direct its landing
This is an intimate conversation with the summer
With words that leave me giddy with an erotic standing
They are in touch with my ebony tits and bum-ass
I don’t mind the kisses that devour me in ecstasy
My body feels complete
I rest calmly and proudly in my skin, am not crazy
I can make a storm between my black thunder thighs that crown my feet.
📸 Eric Kimandy R
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Red Mamba

Unlearn & Relearn

João Silas on Unsplash
Paying the Price of Happily-After – Guys Edition
Men in our current life believe that paying the price for a relationship is social responsibility of ladies only. Their entitled beings will ask why I should be good when she has me already. Imagine, I have already paid the price with my success, good looks, and willingness to date her. So which price should I pay other than her bride price?

The thing is that every good woman want her man to be good in every damn way!!! Good looks, good health, good behavior, good talk, good lover, sexually good, good personality and many more goodness that she can get. So forget all this nonsense that it is not your social responsibility to be good and put in the work that the relationship needs to grow and blossom.

I am talking about avoiding the temptations.  A situationship is no longer allowed when you are in a relationship. Seriously, she needs to trust you to be committed, faithful, and loving. The price a man needs to pay to get a good woman is to focus on the relationship and starve his distractions. Unlearn the Men-are-Born-Cheaters paradigm and Relearn the fact that your woman can cheat too, never get caught but decided to be focused on you.

By Oladimeji

Red Mamba

photo by Christopher Campbell from Unsplash

I thought sharpness determines the depth of the cut

That the bite of a snake is equivalent to a poisoned bloodstream

That an animal and a human being are two worlds apart

That the essence of humanity is embodied by respect as it seems

But wrong it is as calling black grey

Mountains are termed so because of their peak

Commonality of criminals remains going astray

I remember the fangs of the red mamba as I speak

Reminiscence of how it coiled around my naivety

Strangled my conscience

Paralyzed my dignity

Threatened my defense

With the uncouth forwardness

That ripped my identity apart

Forcefully engaged me in a new world that drowned my kindness

Draining my innocent blood was the red mamba’s plot

The pain that resulted still excruciates

A constant reminder of the unorthodox transition

The red mamba participates

In all human contexts

Yet has and implements radical thoughts of an animal

A reincarnation of the devil in his devious acts

I remain emotionally distraught and appalled

My cold blood remains my witness

My experience becomes my weapon

Justice is my strength in my weakness

Red Mamba

Perfect Sin

Perfect Sin

Thoughts locked in miasma
Touches escorting the outburst alarm
Guilty pleasures seeking recognition
Beautiful charisma
The urge to ask Adam
why the attractive potion comes with poison

Fully naked within
with fully dressed sights
Destructive desire
The dirt wipes me clean
Temptation’s plight
Unorthodox choir

Dimmed lights for somehow ever
Trickles of specific sweat
Queer indulgence
Stupid emotions, almost clever
Hot and wet
Addictive fragrance

Ashamedly at the mercy of a crystal ball
Looking for a reason without a doubt
succeeding in a mess
Expressing the beginning of the fall
Am I in or out
Forbidden express

Perfect Sin

The Stubborn Voice

The Stubborn Voice

So apparently I am stubborn, but I refuse to settle for less. Refuse completely! As a freaking independent woman who has overcome a lot of bullshit, I totally refuse. I realized that people out here want to trick you into compromise then use reversed psychology to blame you for their self-disappointment when you have a smart way of standing your ground and blowing their ulterior motives and selfish desires.

They are going to look for small things to Try, realize I used TRY, try to make you think you are not enough. Like you lack some crucial values. Then you start feeling some stupid guilt because whatever meeting of voices are going on in your head, the manipulative voice is focused on winning. You begin apologizing for nothing, patronizing for absolutely nothing! And because your stubborn voice can never stop being stubborn, you snap out of it and you are like what the fuck??? I was about to lose control over a manipulative mind??

The lessons I have learned in my life is to always have control even if it is translated as stubbornness. Let it! Nobody has the time to pick herself from the floor every time. They say if you stand for something, you will never fall for anything. Word! May the STUBBORN VOICE reign!


Why is ice so cold?
Why are dark clouds so bold?
Why is your conscience so old?
Did the crescent moon unfold?
Destiny is an eventuality, so I was told
but does it run on episodes or are its means often sold?
Lo and behold
Did you find it when you strolled?
For I was told your purpose called



Why should I yearn?
Just so my dreams can be burned?
Why should I rise and learn?
yet the lessons strike harder than the scorching sun
Why does my watch say its one
when am not even close to being done?
Why does hope blow my mind like an uncontrollable fan
yet am the prodigal son?
Why is it so difficult to be a man??

Why is the sun shining amidst the rain?
Does this mean there is any gain?
Is it something that can sustain?
Are there three sides on a coin?
or does what I see remain?
Why are there many voices in my brain?
Why are there sad moments that it has to retain?
Why do we walk right into pain?
Why do we ask ourselves questions again and again??

Check it out on my YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PuZLuphU2M&t=23s

I Wanna be your love song

I wanna be your love song
So I can stroke your with the melodies that make you weak
Weak in your knees
But I want you to be strong enough to let me say please,
Please give me this chance so we can start something with ease
I am on my fifth harmony but your love will do the sixth
Am I still on the beat
Because baby the way you look at me I think I sang my chorus on repeat
Tell me this is real
I wanna be the tune on your Spanish guitar, that is how I feel
Strum away, because I am here to stay
📸 @ric.andy
Model @nonic_kamau

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Sticky Situation

Before my morning coffee
I was in the couch longing to be your Sophie
Because you talked much about how she didn’t care how you kissed her softly
That everything she did for you was at a fee
You whined and whined as your eyes got puffy
But all I could think of was how I could warm you in my arms as my coat was fluffy,
You have no idea how around you I pretend to be goofy
Yet am trying to flip the script in this friendzone movie

You should take a trip through this longing mind
And generous kisses and caresses are all you shall find,
Tender love and care for someone of your kind,
Breathtaking lovemaking that will make you unwind
All the days of your life because darling Sophie is seriously blind
But really it will be her loss because I would make sure for you this mind journey is on rewind
Though it’s a bummer right now am behind
I won’t stop hoping that one day you and I will be combined


Model @nonic_kamau

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Listen to your Heart

Listen to your heart

There’s always so much noise around us
That we often yield to its curse
Such that we are slaves of opinions and the fuss
Then we are suddenly lost in the mass
That is out to hurt and embarrass
And you know what is worse?
Is that the wounds you get are left for only you to nurse
In your weakness you forget what your power does,
Then you put yourself in a lower class
Disillusioned as you watch the hour glass
Yet your uniqueness is more than just a pass
It sets you apart, like an incredible phrase in a boring verse
So learn the art of self-belief, it is not that obvious
Shut all the noise and listen heart, you must. 

Listen to your Heart