Why is ice so cold?
Why are dark clouds so bold?
Why is your conscience so old?
Did the crescent moon unfold?
Destiny is an eventuality, so I was told
but does it run on episodes or are its means often sold?
Lo and behold
Did you find it when you strolled?
For I was told your purpose called



Why should I yearn?
Just so my dreams can be burned?
Why should I rise and learn?
yet the lessons strike harder than the scorching sun
Why does my watch say its one
when am not even close to being done?
Why does hope blow my mind like an uncontrollable fan
yet am the prodigal son?
Why is it so difficult to be a man??

Why is the sun shining amidst the rain?
Does this mean there is any gain?
Is it something that can sustain?
Are there three sides on a coin?
or does what I see remain?
Why are there many voices in my brain?
Why are there sad moments that it has to retain?
Why do we walk right into pain?
Why do we ask ourselves questions again and again??

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Learn How to Work with People


No matter how smart you are, if you never know how to work with people, you will never be successful ~ Jack Ma. You can take that to the bank!
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Overreaction, contradiction

Need for compensation

Regret ironed in exaggeration

Continuation or termination?

Loss for consumption

Fear of rejection

In search of an identical section



Long for, long to be, emotion

Hope for consideration

Battle with justification

Web of confusion

Bulk of memory retention

Dug my portion

Fell in motion without caution


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Paradigm Shift


At the start of this week, I learned something quite crucial. That we should be kind to everyone. We should treat everyone with respect regardless of where they are at in life or what they are doing to make a living, because you never know! Life can take a major a turn on you, a serious paradigm shift!

So I know this is pretty much obvious but I experienced it first hand. I received a call yesterday being offered a job that a friend of mine was fired from just the other day. See I am quite loyal and God loves me so much to make things easier for me. So it happened that I am working somewhere on the same day so I had to turn the offer down! Meanwhile, that “friend” had been unfair/rude to me in various occasions before this scenario. Are you getting what am saying guys??

Life can surprise you, so you better have kindness as your insurance!.

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Be Consistent


Regroup, restructure, refine, re-align. Do what you gotta do but Remember to be consistent in it this week my loves. Go out and conquer the world!.
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I can see clearly now the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way, Its gonna be bright like a sun shinny day. The rain has taken quite a minute but I am about to be dry. Nobody said it will be easy but we must learn to remain relentless even in the derailments of time. Focus.

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Self Medication

Honestly, I don’t like those people who find you doing well mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically and then they try to impose. Then, because they can’t handle the peace you exude, they try to intimidate and destroy. Such a waste of time. I say, leave a place better than you found it! Anyway, I am off to sing my heart out at Karaoke because music is the food to my soul. IMG-20160402-WA0015