Why is ice so cold?
Why are dark clouds so bold?
Why is your conscience so old?
Did the crescent moon unfold?
Destiny is an eventuality, so I was told
but does it run on episodes or are its means often sold?
Lo and behold
Did you find it when you strolled?
For I was told your purpose called



Why should I yearn?
Just so my dreams can be burned?
Why should I rise and learn?
yet the lessons strike harder than the scorching sun
Why does my watch say its one
when am not even close to being done?
Why does hope blow my mind like an uncontrollable fan
yet am the prodigal son?
Why is it so difficult to be a man??

Why is the sun shining amidst the rain?
Does this mean there is any gain?
Is it something that can sustain?
Are there three sides on a coin?
or does what I see remain?
Why are there many voices in my brain?
Why are there sad moments that it has to retain?
Why do we walk right into pain?
Why do we ask ourselves questions again and again??

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The Soul’s Captivity

The Soul’s Captivity

The loudness of the echoes
The entanglement in the depth of a cave
On and on it goes
With the sunset and the waves
My flaws they whisper,
My strength, it flees
I am in the premise of a monster
Just about to exchange pleasantries

I am packaged
Bundled in the scaly skin, 
Pierced by the claws of something enraged 
My destiny grows thin and thin and thin
My flaws they whisper,
My strength, it flees
I am in the premise of a monster
Just about to exchange pleasantries

He says the dark hole is my home
But I am worried that I am to be a meal
Spiced and salted with the taste of a lost soul
In a plate that unsealed 
My flaws they whisper,
My strength, it flees
I am in the premise of a monster
Just about to exchange pleasantries

You see am numb to the tightness of these shackles
The ones that restrict me, deprive me, and graze me
I can’t be heard in my struggles 
I don’t know how it feels to be free
My flaws they whisper,
My strength, it flees
I am in the premise of a monster
Just about to exchange pleasantries

The Soul’s Captivity


Respect. It’s a simple word and it should be a simple action. If you show it, It does not rip your heart off, neither does it suck your teeth. You will live…. And you will smile or eat or do whatever requires your teeth (I know my teeth are required to bite away the nerves of anyone who disrespects me.. Haha) Am serious! Why? Coz I freaking earn mine and I should be paid! If you don’t earn it I ain’t giving you anything.

Three things that someone with a well-developed brain should respect: Time, Money, Space. But in the boldness of rebellion, there are misfits of character, aliens to decorum, enemies of progress, and terrorists of conscience! My lovelies, if you earn your respect… Make sure you are paid or deal with the goon accordingly. 

Smoking Gun

Retain Your Power & Fight For Your Throne

Winter is Coming!

Embrace your flaws, know yourself and be on your own path to greatness my loves. It’s the only way to retain your power no matter which storms come. Winter is coming! Have a prosperous and warm week my loves❤️❤️❤️

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Smoking Gun

Smoking Gun

Finally, it was found 
Beyond the shadow of a doubt
The reason 
The meaning of crimson 
Legs locked, back slouched
My sight got hold of what pounced
The reason for my sulk
I identified it in bulk

All that while, it crept
It was something that denied me of myself 
Oh yes, it had a holder
One, two, three
Bullets I embody
Still healing with the sorry 
But he can never be sorry enough 
He played with it, he was rough
It was perfect for the aim
I did not move, it is me I blame

It was always a message
Always a secret for wastage
I missed the mark
But I have a point of remark
The end of a story 
It was born a tool
I killed it with the truth 

I owed myself that
My regards 
It resembles the user 
With an attitude of the brewer
Who brewed and brewed 
Until I was suddenly misunderstood 

I played detective 
I had to be aggressive 
It became viral
The effects were brutal
I found it, I am all smiles 
I can look at myself in the mirror for awhile!

Battlefield of Time

Yesterday judges, today hopes, tomorrow unfolds

I did, I do, I will grow old

Regrets march in with uncalled for command

Promises sneak and settle in the “I don’t know” land

Faults masquerade themselves in excuses

And desires shoot their intents with potential success

The arena of lies and deceit

The shield of forgiveness and a forgetting spirit

The bloodshed of personality

And the announcement of the truth as a fort in totality

Battlefield of Time

I cried, I will smile

I lost, I will try

Anything for that championship belt

Nothing for how I felt

But am running backwards and forward

All wards, except a deserving award

I needed but now I need to seriously need

To wash the drenched past and respond to the future as it pleads

Ignoring, retaining and embracing

Definitely transforming and not conforming.


Nobody should choose for you how to act, react, feel, speak or live. Matter of fact, they don’t get to explore your choices for you. You know, I used to think I am one decisive lady until I realized that I used to give more than two f**s about people that dammit, I compromised my perfect choices in life.
A choice to refuse, a choice to agree, a choice to hold on, a choice to move on, a choice to believe! … That was too much energy I put on doing the contrary to what would have given me satisfaction.

Life is so much better making YOUR choices, good or bad. They are your choices. 
Opinions they can have, but choices?? Naaah honeeeey…the choices are mine. Above any other choice I make confidently is being happy. That’s my priority and prerogative. I choose not to be sad because of an opinion. I choose to be the Choice-maker in my life.

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May God Grant Lauren London Strength and Peace

My #WCW today has to be this lovely and strong woman @laurenlondon She doesn’t deserve the pain she is going through. I can only imagine the pain she is going through with her family after the demise of @nipseyhussle if we felt the blow from afar. May God give you strength and peace that surpasses all understanding. ❤️😣💔🙏🙏

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You are ENOUGH!

Whatever is going on in your mind, you better know that you are ENOUGH! This week is another opportunity to shine so kill it!
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Murder She Wrote

Murder She Wrote

Sticks and stones
To break whose bones? 
Out for blood she takes it with ease, 
Blades are sharp
The punch already up
A hit and into the slaughterhouse
After a rushed sip of famous grouse

She won’t let it be manslaughter 
She will capitalize on the offense..unaltered 
She will be ghosted by humanity
She will raid the city
She will be fearless 
Cautious but restless
Until justice is her friend 
Probably that’s when it will end