Unlearn & Relearn

Hey there fam. I trust you are well and kickstarting this month on a marvelous high. I wish you well. In today’s episode of unlearn & Relearn, I point out something that I am sure you have experienced. People who choose to misunderstand you. In simple terms, people who hear what you are saying understand your circumstance, but they pretend that you might be speaking a language foreign to them to indulge you in an unnecessary course of explanation whereby you ridiculously use every ounce of your energy to prove a point that is as huge as a brick, right before their eyes.

I find them to be psychological/emotional bullies because they pretend they want to know your state of mind, then shit on it by bulldozing condescending statements to show you they are better than you in action and thought. This is a very frustrating feeling for someone highly intelligent because you realize that your intelligence has been insulted, and if you react, you are tagged as the wrong person.

The beauty of someone indulging you in a conversation is their willingness to understand you, make you feel warm, and hold your hand towards peace. It is definitely not to destabilize your energy and piss on your vulnerability.

Many people out here are not self-aware, living on a ‘high horse’ thinking that there is nothing they can do or say that can insult or offend someone else. The lack of humility irks me. Therefore, I am just here to preach self-awareness. For us who are gradually mastering the art of self-awareness, be kind and stay woke. I have learned that withdrawing is the best way to deal with emotional and psychological bullies. Do not give time to someone who is committed to misunderstanding you.

Life is too short to dish a portion of it to condescending, inconsiderate, and selfish people. Let’s keep unlearning and relearning various aspects of our lives to reach better versions of ourselves. See you next week.

Yours truly,


Enjoy Life As it Happens

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. -Abraham Lincoln

Have a fantastic and productive week ahead fam, ❤️

Noble Kiss


Water my dryness like the quenching of the thirstiest throat,
Linger on the redemption, save me from this callous captivity with your delightful boat,
Dig in,
Slowly suck in the temptuous psyche within,
Easy rhythm that turns the dark to light,
Lips magnetic with tongues entangling like a seldom fight,
Everything still,
A moment needing constant refill,
We are in our element,
Addiction beckons
Longer minutes from shorter seconds

Women Changing Women

7 Things I Have Learned as a New Mom

1. Motherly instincts are real, follow them

2. Be patient with yourself, everything will bounc

3. Your baby’s love for you is so genuine and fulfilling, it even grows stronger

4. You are just loveable for bringing a life into this world

5. It is okay to be exhausted. Take your time to relaaaaaax. In fact, make time for relaxing.

6. Do or wear what makes you happy

7. If the world does not make sense to you, look into your baby’s eyes, they will remind you what matters

Unlearn & Relearn

Happiness is peace, not pleasure. We work so hard to achieve our desired dreams, which is paramount but we forget to live in the process. We struggle to be happy because we have another mountain to climb once we are on top of another. There is literally no time to breathe because we are always on a mission to enhance pleasure “to be happy”

Is it even pleasurable when you are constantly thinking of how you will get to the next level? Unlimited tension and limited relief because we are focused on the end while not making the means worthwhile. Whatever your ambitions or desires are, you need to have peace in abundance. Stay where you are celebrated, not tolerated they say.

Sometimes I forget myself, with a list of great things I want to achieve. Then in the process of working towards them, I get so immersed, overwhelm and overwork myself, and wallow in self-pity and lethargy because I have not attained them yet. It is at that stuck point that I start to question my purpose and existence. It can be a dark hole or a bright light. Your perspective is everything. We need to find peace as we seek pleasure. Happiness becomes automatic.

See you next week,

Yours truly

Beryl Bee

Women Changing Women

So last time, last year really, I delved into my breastfeeding issue which took a toll on me but everything fell into place in the end. I would say the more days go by the more you master the motherly functions specially suited for your little angel. Babies are not the same. They are unique for you, absorb that uniqueness and have fun. Today, I am going to go way back just before I gave birth. I let myself be sucked into the traditional idea that a woman must have vaginal birth to feel worthy in society. It is referred to as ‘normal’ birth.

I don’t know what I wanted to prove but I led myself on with that ideology as I was gassed up by most people around me. When I was about 40 weeks pregnant and on my usual clinic visits, the doctor said my time was up and I needed to be admitted and induced because my baby was big and I could develop complications if I continued to wait for labor. My labor pains never came naturally, no mucus plug, nothing. Baby Brielle was unsure whether she wanted to come to the world yet.

I went to the hospital where I was admitted and induced. They do the induction in three stages. The first was a bit of tablet under my tongue and still that night nothing came. I had no labor pains. I remember I could barely sleep that night stuck on youtube watching breathing and birthing position videos. I was hellbent on giving birth naturally and I remember a friend suggested I go for Caeserean section and I wanted to but I was so concerned about what some people would think of me as a woman.

The second induction started working at around 2pm on the second day. The contractions were crazy but nothing compared to the third induction, which was a drip. That was the drip from hell you guys and midwife scheduled with me was nothing but an A-HOLE. The trips I made on that labor room corridor, the pain was immense, OUT OF THIS WORLD. You can imagine going through that, not feeling the baby wanting to come out, and fingers dipped into your vagina deep into the pelvic cavity to measure whether the baby’s way was appropriate. This was done after every 10 minutes by the way. I ended up going through that hell for over five hours.

I thought I was going to die, particularly with a bully as a midwife. However, I cannot forget the nurse who was so good to me rubbing my back. Here is the thing. I know why natural labor pains can be withstood. The induced ones are out of this world, especially when the baby is not descending as in my case. HELL. I did not have time to breath as I had learned. What a waste of time!.

They resorted to an emergency CS since the outcome could have been fatal and so I was taken to the theatre room. I have never been so happy to be given an epidural and to be under the knife. The minute that needle was stung into my spine I felt like I was in heaven. So peaceful with a great and friendly team working on me and lovely music. My hear melted when Baby Brielle was lifted for me to see.

That experience traumatized me, I am still recovering from it but it gets better. Was asking myself why I did not go for the CS option in the beginning when I opted for that. The pressure of fitting in as a mother should not affect you. Be you, do you because they will still judge!You can imagine after that experience someone has the audacity that I refused to push the baby, so insensitive! However, I am no longer fazed because my baby is healthy and amazing. Best gift ever!

See you next Wednesday for more

Yours truly,

Beryl Bee

Unlearn & Relearn

Hello folks! I hope everything you have dealt with so far is aligned with greatness. This year started out on a silent, uncertain, but peaceful note for me. I can work with that. We continue to unlearn and relearn. Today, I will delve into the issue of energy. Have you ever been in a position where you let your guard down to someone who assured you a zillion times that they would have your back.

You know, those famous statements “If you ever need anything, I am here” or “we are family” or “why don’t you tell me about this and that”? I have come to learn that 90% of the time, it is a scam, steer away from that fake comfort being offered because my friend, you will be one of the strongest people holding your forte and the day your ship sinks and you try to feel that pillow that was set for you by the so-called comforters, you will hit the ground! ha ha ha. WITH A THUD. Your dignity will be reduced to shit then you will ask yourself whether your were late for the comfort (because it has a timeline) or why you gave that energy away. You should have saved it to oil your hair or fan yourself.

The departure of that energy is traumatic. It leaves your body slowly as it tightens every muscle. It is like you have been slapped and the person became invisible. The numbness makes you so dumb you can’t construct a sentence in your head. That energy should never leave the body because it is attached to your dignity, siamese twins to be exact. It happens when you least expect it.

Anyway, it is a reminder for us to manage our expectations about people. As human beings, we can be quite interesting and difficult to decipher. What is important is how to position yourself and to respond to any situation.

Not to say that people who are 100% true having your back do not exist. Those are dimes and it takes great wisdom to realize them and reciprocate the gesture. However, we should seek that wisdom to continue weeding out dignity or energy paralyzers.

Nevertheless, I am happy that getting that energy back is possible. When it gets back to the owner it cannot be siphoned again by the person who took it. Thou shall be blocked by thine walls of Jerusalem. Protect your energy folks and keep grinding, keep hoping, keep smiling because your time for greatness will come. Let us learn to mean our words of comfort when we are elevated.

See you next week.


Beryl Bee

Women Changing Women

The moment I found out I was pregnant, the thought of giving birth sprung in my mind. And I FREAKED the hell out… I know the baby bump photos, the interesting leniency one gets when pregnant, how you get away with a lot of things makes pregnancy cool. However, we rarely talk about that scare. It’s damn real.

So, my mantra all along was, ‘we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.’ I laughed at myself when weeks went by and I was looking like like a whale (okay I have exaggerated a little bit) but yoo, I couldn’t see my feet when standing. Then I started asking myself, how is the little one going to get past my tiny vagina to the world. That fear was always at the back of my mind.

Then there’s that part when you ask other moms how the experience is and no answer blesses your heart. I ended up having conversations with my vajajay… Like ‘hey, are you ready for this?’ ‘what’s the plan?’ Anyway it gets better because, slowly by slowly your mind adapts and starts to figure out coping skills.

One thing that is important to know is that the process of birth is actually a matter of life and death. As in you can actually die! Or the baby! It is not easy peasy as it looks, okay for some people it is. But jeez…. You need a strong support system, GOD, and a strong self-belief, because it’s about an innocent life.

However, I can sit here and say that it is worth it.. Next week I will talk about my first ultrasound, and first kick. Stay tuned❤️❤️珞

Yours truly

Women Changing Women

women changing women

Hey folks! I hope this week is being kind to you. If not, hanging in there, there are better days ahead.  I had started to draft this last week, but my little angel put me on a rat race and I postponed to today.

So here I am with the first bit of my motherhood chronicles. The moment I saw that positive pregnancy result, I was super nostalgic. I was happy, confused, scared, worried, and definitely intrigued. You know how we say we will cross the bridge when we get there? At that point, I was not seeing any bridge. But I could see a road leading somewhere, just scared of the uncertainties in the journey and wondering where it would lead to.

I started to date my body all over again and it wasn’t being nice at first. It was the typical hard to get…. Suddenly I wanted my chilli raw in literally everything…. I almost put it in my tea🤣🤣. I didn’t have like major cravings but thaaaat chilli, that chilli did it for me.

So then from there you start to hear all the weird assumptions. Oh when take too much chilli you will give birth to a baby with burnt skin, oh when you glow it’s a boy, when your face is spoilt it’s a girl. Crazy assumptions I tell you… They really get to your head.

Mentally and psychologically I was in transition. Quite unsettled. I was really going to be a mother. So surreal.

Next week I will let you in on some instances that totally traumatized me regarding pregnancy.

Cheers 💞❤️
Yours truly,

As You Are

Entrapped by the beauty in your scars,
You exude flames that must from Mars,
Your presence, a challenge to the stars,
An idea of heaven you are,
beautifully blended even with the blur,
You are a ferocious race car,
Fast and furious, up to and above par,
Stretch marks rappin lyrics to your curves, serious bars,
Ravishing, just as you are

Women Changing Women

Hey folks! Welcome back to Women Changing Women series.. My experiences in motherhood from the point my little angel was conceived are worth sharing.. And I am all about that… The ups and downs, the random thoughts, the weird assumptions… Man! I have aloooot….

Next week… I will get started on the stories…. Stay tuned… ❤️

Yours truly,


The Price of Compromise

photo by Spencer_Charles

Once denied now enticed,
The unending sea of desires iced,
Fear of the meltdown which is highly priced,
The mind, diced,
Can barely stay focused because of all that is compromised,
Urges shout constantly to be realised,
On edge as motions are fantasized,
But restraint exercised,
Strength diluted, weakness emphasized
Thoughts and actions still on a scale to be priced.

Master the strength

When you master the strength of being above or beyond actions and words designed to disempower you, you become unbreakable and unstoppable. Lovely week ahead ❤️❤️

Unlearn & Relearn

Unlearn and Relearn

Hey folks! Hope your week was amazing… I had an amazing birthday and baby shower last weekend, I am so grateful for amazing family and friends. The lesson I am sharing today is that you can NEVER change a person no matter how hopeful you are that you can.

A douchebag will be a douchebag until they make a conscious decision to stop. Most of the time, we see the potential in someone, thinking that they will move past a phase or whatever they call it soon enough. Newsflash!! It won’t, can never happen at YOUR expected time.

Which can be linked to last week’s no expectation lesson. But don’t beat yourself up when you are in a limbo and your stuck in such a situation. It is okay, you are only human. And I am only here so that we can laugh at such weaknesses after being aware of them and make steps towards overcoming them.

When you are over it, you become so numb and unbothered because you reclaim your power. But my, oh my, getting to this point is quite a journey. Still, we can overcome.

So anyway, do not be consumed trying to change someone. They will change when they decide to because they are perfectly aware of what they are doing to you. Do not be fooled as you try fish for excuses for them. If you are disrespected you are disrespected… It is not respect delayed. Make that person earn it or exit that stage he or she is clowning you with!

Until next time loves. Know your worth and wear it like sunglasses to block stupid vibes.



Unlearn & Relearn

Unlearn & Relearn

Hey folks! Hope you are keeping well and kicking off this new month. I am so excited about it and I definitely riding on it with the wisdom nuggets.

Today I am going to be candid about this ‘women need to be submissive’ crap. Now don’t get me wrong, I know it’s decent for that to be, because it’s ideal for men. It’s basically their utopia if you must. It’s funny that some, if not most men do not realize that they hold the key to enabling a woman’s submssiveness.

So before I am accused of ‘feminism’ as most people define it wrongly (It’s not an ideology that attempts to demean men as most of them think), I just want to point out that a woman submits to a man naturally if the man treats her right. Forcing her to submit or disrespecting her to submission won’t yield the result.

If you show your woman you can protect her, provide for her, respect her, love her genuinely, and understand her, you will get the ultimate submission. It will be so natural, you will feel like a king.

Before they let their guard down, women like to know that you can handle your shit. Otherwise, they will let their own alpha manifest itself and the relationship becomes a pandemonium. A competition of sorts.

So, submission is kind of transactional, only that you get what pay for like bottomless beer, cocktail or anything you love.

Men, next time you are shoving down the word submission down your women’s throat, remember that it starts from how you treat her.

Until next time when we unlearn and relearn, take care. Toodles!

Beryl Bee

Unlearn & Relearn

Unlearn & Relearn

Hope you are well and safe fam… It’s been awhile but days seem to be moving faster this year. I learned something recently, something very important. We need to draw a line between determination and desperation in relationships.

You can be determined to make a relationship work but still give it the space it deserves for it to reboot and you and your partner can transcend the challenge at hand.

Desperation only worsens the situation because it limits or bars the development of genuine feelings and reconnection or better yet, the truth which means you and your partner are not meant for each other.

A period of disconnect and space is a time for you to find yourself and ask yourself really bold questions to analyze whether what you have with the other person is valuable to your life.

There should be no begging or kneeling because of the desperate desire to be in the comfort zone just because you afraid to adjust to the new normal. The latter is necessary as you experience growth and realization. Maybe that partner never added value to your life or never intended to in the first place. Besides, if he or she is of value, the space will lead to a genuine reconnection or perhaps a new and highly valuable connection to you.

Choose not to be stuck on stupid. Clear the trash bin if you know what I mean. Plus time is the best clarifier.

Until next time, stay safe and keep shining.


Beryl Bee

Unlearn & Relearn

Unlearn &Relearn

What’s up fam! It is another edition of Unlearn & Relearn with yours truly and I am here again with another of my wisdom nuggets. What I am touching on today is avoiding impulsivity. Well, I know most of us are guilty of impulse buying then we end up wondering why we bought something in the first place. However, the impulsivity I am talking about is that of reacting. Ever been in a position ready to say something out of anger then you realize that it could turn the world upside down in a jiffy so you brush it off? That kind of discipline is what we all need. It also helps a lot in fighting a disease called OVERTHINKING.

Someone can annoy you so freaking bad that you see yourself becoming a murderer and its perfectly normal but try count 1 to 3 as you think of the consequences. Going to jail over someone who made you angry because you decided to be impulsive is letting that person win. Trust me, I know there are people who are passionate about taking us there but we need to learn to respond rather than react. Most times a reaction results in an explosion. However, a response which can be silence, can go a long way in making that person look more of a fool and be disturbed. Also, a response can be anything sarcastic but well articulated. An impulsive reaction shows no thought was put into the action and the consequences are bound to be super complicated.

Also, in a conversation, we should master the art of listening to someone clearly such that we do not take what they say out of context and take it to another in a freaking different way that creates a long thread of assumed villainism, making the original speaker look like the devil. If you have to report what you heard to someone else, make sure you are doing it in the right context and with the right intention. Do not be an impulsive reporter. There is no need to start a fire where it does not exist. A reporter does not include his or her opinions in the message. Journalism 101! So if you cannot be a good one, stay out of it. You are bound to make life more confusing than it already is.

My point here is that if you have to react, do so thoughtfully and not aimlessly because of impulsivity. You are always quick to show off how angry you can get, how messy you can get, and how retrogressive you can be. Always count 1 to 3 or to 5 if a shot is aimed at you and it hits you. You will find stronger momentum to hit back accurately and effectively. Also, take your time to understand situations, contexts, and environments before you open your mouth to speak.

Let’s touch base in the next edition. Toodles!

Yours truly,


Unlearn & Relearn

Unlearn & Relearn

Hey Folks! So this is my first edition of the wisdom nuggets I told you about earlier. One important lesson that I have learned in friendships and relationships is to normalize NOT expecting anything from anyone. Unless you are down for the spiral of disappointments. Here’s the thing, we are all different and you need to land on the fact that you might be ahead of others psychologically, intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally.

It is one thing to love but it is another to expect love. The expectation journey in this case can be exhausting, even sometimes life-threatening, especially when the expected love is not coming through. You ask someone to lend you cash expecting them to do so then when they say they do not have or just blue tick you or even not care, you become offended. You should not put yourself in a position that you expect someone to meet you at your level of thinking. That is why some arguments are not worth your breath. It is their choice and they have a brain capable of calculating the best choice. If they do not choose you, its okay. Just choose not to be bothered. You can do it. The mind can be trained.

You have to rewire your mind to be prepared for a disconnect when you are dealing with another person. I know it is freaking hard but trust me when you transcend to that self that does not care when someone says they are coming and they don’t, someone says they are doing and they don’t, someone says A and does B, you will experience true freedom and power. Such that you become expectant of yourself and realize how much potential and actualization can come from you alone.

Think about it as people falling into the categories they make for themselves and offering you space to be the best version of yourself. Limit the expectation to yourself because you know what you did yesterday that you could do better today. You have no time to flog a dead horse!.

See you next week for more wisdom nuggets.

Yours truly Bee.

My Knight In The Night

My Knight In the Night

It’s been all night
Been waiting for your light,
Been longing to sink in your sight,
that dissolves into a world so alive and bright,
Voices in my mind are in a fight,
on whether you are never coming or you just might,
Which one is right?
Because I am here waiting for my knight,
your armor better shine since we are deep into the night,
until then in my thoughts I will delight

 @spencer_charles

Unlearn & Relearn


Happy new year fam! I hope you kicked it off on a good note. I am just here back at it, with the lessons we learn together. Last year, was quite a class I tell you! There is much I learned about relationships (romantic, friendship, family, spiritual, work) and I am glad I have this platform to share such lessons. Man! I even learned how to have a relationship with myself!

Honestly, I am counting the wisdom nuggets and they are numerous trust me. At least now I know the angle to approach life with because it is so easy when you are aware about these things. Stay tuned for details of each of the above categories, stories, experiences, witnessing, and the best part about jumping to the other side of realization and peace.

Also I realized that in my hardworking nature, there were instances that I was working hard in the wrong place, towards the wrong direction, with the wrong people, and with the wrong mindset. A whole reprogramming process had to suffice for me reach this level. Yes of course, I might not be okay sometimes, those days will come but I learned that it is okay not to be okay.

So catch me next Tuesday for the first of my unlearn & relearn nuggets this year. I am not going to say it will be the best year with crazy proclamations and all but I am certain that I am going to enjoy the best of it because even with the downs, there will be ups. I am here to enjoy the latter and boost my strength from the former.

Continue enjoying your week and enhancing your awareness!

Much love,


Rhythm of the Sun

Rhythm of the Sun

Rays melodiously creep up my skin,
The pleasure, definitely paradise’s kin,
The absorption, cascades of imaginary touches on my chin,
The rising and the setting make my spasms keen,
Shine through me and leave me clean,
Clean from the desire that’s within,
It poisons my my mind with sin,
Sin that dances to the sun’s sensation I mean,
I need some shots of gin

 @andrewthomasclifton

Pour Me Some Wine

Wine glass ready,
I set the mood already,
You can call me Betty,
You are my Eddy,
Can’t wait to exchange sips before we get sweaty,
So that when we rock we rock steady,
Forget about Hetty,
I am the real meal for your frenzy,
Easy to siphon like spaghetti,
Pour me some wine mon ami,
Before we hop into that Ferrari

📸 @spencer_charles

Getting Ready

Glows, glows, and glows,
The stream that flows,
She grows,
You will understand if you follow,
She is filling the hollow,
Something to keep, not borrowed,
Unique when the touch is single, solo,
All dry but her wetness comes tomorrow,
She ready, anticipation wallows.

📸 @trill_imagery
Model @jenna.deleon

The Kalahari

I run my fingers on my own skin,
Longing and longing for the unseen,
That which excites my insides deep within,
My thirst acute, not a drop of water to even tap my fin,
My appetite gigantic, but my loneliness is so mean,
Dissatisfied, desiring, salivating, but nothing is even close to my chin,
In need of a refill of the pin,
Dry, maizecob, squeeze the juice in.

📸 @andrewthomasclifton
Model @ebonyinferno

Wash Off your Baggages

Happy Monday to you loves😎❤️❤️. Wash off your baggages and leave your mind clean like… 😜

Women Changing Women

Two Words for Jacque: Too Smart!

It’s amazing how children grow so fast. Trust me, I know, I have one, hehehe! Jacque has grown into an active toddler, always willing to learn more and explore her options. She’s always busy, doing this or that, running, or trying to be “helpful”. She’s always occupied and is always fascinated by new and colourful things.

How much freedom should a child her age have though? She’s at that stage where she imitates everything she sees. She’s particularly interested in phones and unlocking them, for some reason. Apart from calling her imaginary friends, she manages to find her way through my phone and take “selfies” many of which are accompanied by videos (maybe the videos explain her photos, just maybe)

Its one thing for her to record her videos. However, its horrifying when she gets to see them and realize that you want to delete them. Believe it or not, she scolds me for deleting her videos especially if they focus more on her laughter. She is a dramaqueen in her own cute kinda way, and I some how feel like she’ll be a good actress in future. I wonder where she gets that from?

My grandma and I gave her a nickname, “cartoon” but that doesn’t necessarily entail  much of her smartphone techniques. Do you think she’ll grow out of it?

😂😂we’ll find out soon, won’t we? Until next time.

Break through Life’s Rules

Life’s a game and it’s not fair, I break through rules so I don’t care… Lovely week folks

Women Changing Women

Pretty little birds

                                                          Welcome Back?

It’s such a relief to be back. Our lives have developed from watching Jacque learn how to walk to having her as my own personal hair stylist. Its been a hectic couple of months going from being excited to being surprised and horrified at some of the things my Jacque does. Growing up comes with change, and I notice that through her everyday.

It’s barely two months to her second birthday and she’s already all active. Her words are not fully understandable but she is always confident with the little she knows. Everyone has a nickname here and I can proudly say she calls me “Mum”. I admire the way she carries out herself and af times I feel like she is my mother, someone who guides me into doing whats good and right

She has also developed different habits, singing along to songs and advertisements is one of her best. She knows different nursery rhymes at heart and “sings” them loudly whenever she is “busy working”. She’s also a good disciplinarian and knows how to make me laugh whenever she feels like I’m mad at her.

 Did I tell you she loves eating soil she enjoys it more than the normal food. I used to think that she lacked something or was trying out new things, but I’m begining to think it’s an addiction. I feel like there’s a lot to share, I can’t wait to get back and share some of the most memorable parts of her growth.

Catch up with you guys next week as I share about Jacque’s first accident ever!

Yours Truly

Quinter Zippy,

Conquer the World with your Smile

Conquer the world with your smile. Have a wonderful week ahead loves❤️❤️

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The tightness with the warmth,
Like an irresistible broth,
Tongue-tied but senses come forth,
You are my South I am your North,
But we are tied with the same cloth,
In love and lust, you and I both,
Tasty, I know with my sweet tooth,
Nothing in you I loathe,
Probably your absence, injustice it doth,
Lost in your words, smooth,
I am planted in your, I want growth,
It’s time, you and me, betroth.
📸 @hr_uncovered

Wear Confidence, it’s Beautiful

The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence ❤️😘 I wish you a week full of confidence loves.

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. #Fact Have a bomb week loves🤗❤️

You Can’t Use Up Creativity

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have ~Maya Angelou
Shout out to all creatives, keep working at it, something will give! Have a creative week loves❤️
👉 @hallebee_kenya

Women Changing Women


Expectation Fail!

I remember I once told you that motherhood is an adventure. This adventure is full of events and issues that are not meant for the faint-hearted. Trust me, a mother is the greatest treasure one could ever ask for, at least that’s what I think, ha-ha! Let me tell you guys one of the major things I learnt about becoming a mother.

I learnt never to have any expectations as a mother. Not everything happens our way, believe me. One minute you want your child to grow faster, the next minute you wish they were still young and not yet capable of achieving specific steps.

I came to this realization the hard way. My main wish when my daughter started crawling was to see her walk as fast as possible. In the back of my mind, I thought things could be easier when she started walking. I never thought I was in for an even more difficult task as a mother.

Now that she is walking, it is even more challenging to take care of her. She is as noisy as I am so when I can’t see her and she’s not talking, immediately know that she is up to no good. Apparently, she loves cooking (I did not know that) so I am very keen whenever I’m cooking something. Her help might lead to unexplainable consequences at this time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy she’s growing, I’m just becoming more cautious about what to expect as a mother and what to expect from her now that she’s growing so fast.

What do you think about expectations?

Yours truly,

Quinter Zippy

A Lil Bit of Love❤️❤️

A lil bit of love is all it takes ❤️❤️❤️ Spread the love fam and have a wonderful week. Incase you didn’t get a chance to listen to my #sensualmental podcast check link in bio and enjoy 😘

Who’s At The Door?

Is it honey that will charge the taste on my tongue?
Is it the one that’s behind the phone that rang?
Is it the note that popped off when we sang?
Should I be ready for a bang?
Is it safe to say we can hang?
Should I have only my shoes on, Vera Wang?
I am curious, dang!
I might be slithery, but I got no fangs.
📸 @spencer_charles

Women Changing Women

Motherly Nature

Mothers are great heroines. We are all underrated. I guess not everyone understands the things we go through, but as they say, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” We soon learn how to understand the complexities, ups and downs of motherhood, and rise up, stronger and eager to learn more.

Ever since I gave birth, my main dream has been to see Jacque live a great life. I certainly never realized that I could love someone this much until I saw her smile, and develop slowly as she grew. I knew that I could do anything to make her happy. Create the best version of herself as much as I can.

I never quite understood the meaning of sacrifice, until I became a mother. During one of my thought-recollection sessions, I realized that being a mother turned me into a completely different person. I never realized I could put my needs aside and focus on another person, giving her my full attention.

Apart from finding a purpose in life, it made me put my needs aside and focus on the wellbeing of another person, my daughter. My version of motherhood involves hope and love, a life full of adventure and exploration!

Well, this is my take on a mother’s selfless nature from my experience. What’s yours?

Minor Note in Major Songs

I am that minor note in major songs 😜😘 Have a lovely week fam

Love and War

So fast, unaware before the blow,
Nothing slow,
Not even the raising of the brow,
Touches were silky, now there’s no flow,
Reason, word, sense, no more,
Callibrated, on the low,
Tricks and punches, sore,
Inner connection resolute, hollow,
Six minutes past four,
Still down on the floor,
Love and war,
Sadism at its core,
What’s everything for?
Nothingness, standing at the door.
📸 @andrewthomasclifton

Women Changing Women

Death and Chills!

Who is terrified of death like I am? Whenever I think about it, I just panic and pray that I get the chance to grow old, and get a chance to meet my grandchildren, or even more. I recently dreamt that I died, that’s right, and I was horrified.

The first thing that came on my mind was leaving my daughter, on her own, in a society which isn’t that considerate. I mean, I love this girl so much, I don’t think I’m willing to spend that much time away from her.

We’ve began counting by the way, though not in the right order. I have this strong feeling that she will be a mathematician, determined to achieve her goals at any cost. You should see her counting. She has this harmonious tune to it that makes it so adorable.

See, this is one of the reasons death scares me. These priceless memories that define me as a mother and Jacque’s major steps in life. The ability to grow into a strong and responsible woman and to see this beautiful tiny version of me, my daughter.

I don’t know what death looks like, but I believe it will be sad and unbearable without the people I love. It is currently one of my greatest fears. I pray God grants us more life, happiness and blessings.

What’s your greatest fear?

Fear is Manipulative

Fear is manipulative. Fight it loves. Have a beautiful week full of happiness and love❤️
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Sunday Clears Away the Rust

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week. 🤗 Blessed Sunday loves ❤️
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Process your Thoughts

You cannot respond and react at the same time. One of the greatest lessons of emotional intelligence I have learned so far.
Learn to process your thoughts loves and have a fantastic week ❤️


I inhale from your breath the energy,
that keeps us connected incredibly,
The warmth as it lands on my face keeps me edgy,
My goosebumps have an assembly,
Your commitment is cagy,
It has locked me in remarkably,
The tight grip of your arms, fledgy,
I feel assured even when you are not around me,
With our love for each other we are smudgy,
No apologies, because we are true, really
You are my G,
I am your Molly.
📸 @spencer_charles
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Women Changing Women

I thought the hardest thing I’d have to do was stop Jacque from breastfeeding. My daughter enjoyed every part of it. She’d even cry when she saw food on the table just to get a sympathy breastfeeding session. This girl is too clever for her age.

Children are smart. I knew that when I became a mother. She discovered my weakness and knew how to use it against me. I tried numerous times to ignore her cries but always ended up giving in to her demands.

I always felt insecure, thinking that stopping Jacque from breastfeeding could reduce the bond and connection we have with each other. Thinking about not seeing her beautiful smile, or not enjoying our time together after she stopped breastfeeding made me worried. I finally did it and it changed nothing between us.

It’s been a month since she stopped breastfeeding. I think I broke her heart but she’s probably too proud to admit it. She still remembers it once in a while, especially during her nap times. She also occasionally says “nyonyo” whenever she thinks about it but will never breastfeed even when given the chance.

I’m proud of Jacque. Apart from being bubbly, she also has this independent personality at a young age that promotes her interactions with others and her actions. I am looking forward to share more of her interesting adventures with you love.

Stay safe!

Happy New Month

The road gets so muddy and sticky somewhere in the middle after you have started the journey but what is important is that you started it and you have a clear mind about where you are going. The end will justify the means, it surely should! HAPPY NEW MONTH AND MADARAKA Day loves. Don’t be a quitter, we can do this! ❤️

What’s the Trick?

Freaks for freaks
Less talk, more sticks
If it was to speak,
It would be calling you all week,
It’s not only pleasure that it seeks,
To it you are Special you are on fleek,
What’s the trick?
For keeping it stuck on you like a tick?
For this I wanna be a geek,
Your scent and touch make it weak,
And it waters the whole place, it leaks,
So what’s the trick?
Why is it your cock that it picks?
Right now it needs a click, and quick!
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Women Changing Women

My Happiness

Life is a mystery. A sweet mystery in my case. No one knows what it has in store for them or how to handle specific stages in it. I believe it is what drives us to be better versions of ourselves. Motherhood has been one of those moments in my life that helped me understand the true meaning of happiness, an unexplainable joy in life that comes with a price (lol!).

I often watch my daughter go to sleep. I still can’t believe that she has grown so fast. As interesting as that might sound, it comes with a lot of hard work. Running around with her hoping she doesn’t come into contact with anything dangerous, constantly talking and little time to rest. I think it is part of our stay at home exercises.

She is currently learning how to talk. This stage sounds adorable until she cracks a joke in her language and laughs out loud, leaving us confused and happy at the same time. As my personal story teller, I always expect her to be talking or somewhere where I can see her. Don’t even get me started on what could be happening if she is either silent or nowhere to be seen.

The feeling I can’t quite understand is how I miss her so much when she is asleep and begin to worry when she is awake. If this is motherhood, then I guess I’ll be an overprotective mother. I think I’ll be one of those mothers following their daughters everywhere, sort of like a personal bodyguard.

I hope I’ll share more great experiences with you guys as she grows. Take care!

Unlearn & Relearn

Arguing Black Couple Stock Photos - Download 685 Royalty Free Photos
Photo Courtesy: Dreamtime

So, there is this viral story about a woman who allegedly stabbed the boyfriend because of dirty dishes. The first time I heard it, I was wondering what the fuss was all about, but then I got to think about it critically. A lot of times we delve into relationships without setting the tone about roles, because at the end of the day it is a partnership. We forget and then we sweep things under the rag to the point that they become unbearable.

I do not condone murder, not one bit. However, I do believe that there were many grudges in that lady’s heart and she was even unaware of what she was capable of. She undermined her dark side and she became reckless about it at a time when the outburst was uncalled for. I keep on saying that this issue of “trying to make it work” when the writing is on the wall, is ridiculous. If it is not working, walk away! Now we are over here debating over who should wash dishes or clean or even cook in a relationship. Smh. That was totally besides the reason of that outburst.

The topic of discussion should be “what are the signs of mental breakdowns or mental illnesses or better yet, psychological issues in a relationship? When do you realize you should walk away from a relationship if you cannot “fix” your partner. I think we tend to play too much and we forget the magnitude of certain things in a relationship. Both sexes by the way. People out here have serious issues and most do not even think about dealing with them.

My two cents. We need to know ourselves completely so that we can manage ourselves accordingly. Socrates and Plato called it the temperance form of the soul. It is the most ideal because it involves reason and self-control. Inner desires such as love and passion in intimacy clouds our judgement. Before you get into a relationship ensure you have mastered temperance such that you will decipher it in your partner’s personality too. If you cant identify it in him or her, my dear, save yourself by moving to where it exists.

About the roles, they fall in place naturally and its not about masculinity or femininity. It is about maturity, transcendence, and understanding in relationship. So nobody should start preaching about men’s or women’s hard work or stupid stereotypes yet they are chasing innnovation. The latter instigates a lot of changes in our lives and the only thing that should remain constant is accountability.

Stay safe, meditate, pray, and see you next week.

Yours truly,


Women Changing Women

Strength or Struggle?

Life as a single mom can be hectic. Imagine handling both the mom and dad roles, while also being extra active on your child’s development to ensure she gets all the love, lessons and happiness there is. We never quite stop worrying and this, I admit makes as overprotective, all the time.

For a minute there, we forget we exist. We forego our relaxations, avoid going out and become afraid of meeting new people. Whenever I meet a new person, my introduction always begins with, “I’m Zyppie, and I have a daughter…” hoping that I could get a person’s expression on my parental status either through their facial expressions or their next response.

Everyone is always okay with it, some even start referring to our children as theirs or throw in their names once in a while in our conversations, but do they even mean it? This is what makes dating for single mothers a bit tricky. Some of the men we interact with often smell our vulnerability from a distance, ready to pounce on it.

Sadly, we never know how to differentiate them from the good men out here. We are often left to reason out differently, making us extra cautious and doubtful whenever someone shows interest in us. I think even though this acts as a preventive measure, it can also act as a limitation to our dating life. What do you guys think?

Until next time, stay safe and be good!

Quinter Zyppie

Women Changing Women

“The phrase ’working mother’ is redundant.” —Jane Sellman

Women Changing Women

Wassup mamas..just another edition of Women Changing Women where we remind each other to be proud of ourselves for our great job with the little angels. Immediately you become a mother, paranoia sets in full force! Do you know I still move waaay close to Baby Brielle when she is sleeping just to see whether she is still breathing…haha

It was worse when she was a newborn. Do you have the same paranoia? Sometimes I just think I am crazy. I also ask myself, what I find that she is not breathing??? That eagerness is a little bit risky when you think of it.

Anyway, we are sailing in the same boat if you have that paranoia. However we need to relax as much as possible… Meditation should be the ying to our yang.

Now that Baby Brielle is attempting to crawl and rake everything she sees or put everything in her mouth you can imagine how my paranoia has doubled up. I don’t know what fascinates her in dirty sandals slippers! In a fraction of a second when you bat an eye you will surprised. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the milestones. They make me feel soo proud.

Stay blessed and kisses and hugs to your little angels.


Unlearn & Relearn

Do you know your partner’s love language? It’s interesting how people get so many things twisted along these lines and still get frustrated each time their gestures are not aligned with their partners’ values. Someone will be like “after everything I did for him/her?? This is what I get?”

You are simply not communicating in love. We want to just feel the love without communicating it correctly. Realize that you can love someone truly but they still do not feel the love

The basic five love languages are words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. It is a piece of cake once you figure out where your partner lies. Then again you might be in position where you figured that out but your partner is still oblivious of what sets your soul, in this case heart, on fire. You don’t want to have someone stuffing you with drinks on a special occasion when all you needed is a gift or a trip together to a chilled, beautiful place.

In as much as the drinks, food were a great gesture, they didn’t set my soul on fire. They did not make me feel special. So, a thank you I will give, but I will not fall deeper in love with you. Sorry. We need to learn our partners love languages so that our bonds can be enriched.

Talk about it, figure it out. If none of you changes or one person is doing the most.. You are not compatible and it will likely explode in a bad way in the future.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, think about this keenly and do the necessary. Let us strive to fulfill ourselves and our special others.

Stay true to yourself and have a lovely one!

Yours truly, spreading love

Beryl Bee❤️