Women Changing Women


Expectation Fail!

I remember I once told you that motherhood is an adventure. This adventure is full of events and issues that are not meant for the faint-hearted. Trust me, a mother is the greatest treasure one could ever ask for, at least that’s what I think, ha-ha! Let me tell you guys one of the major things I learnt about becoming a mother.

I learnt never to have any expectations as a mother. Not everything happens our way, believe me. One minute you want your child to grow faster, the next minute you wish they were still young and not yet capable of achieving specific steps.

I came to this realization the hard way. My main wish when my daughter started crawling was to see her walk as fast as possible. In the back of my mind, I thought things could be easier when she started walking. I never thought I was in for an even more difficult task as a mother.

Now that she is walking, it is even more challenging to take care of her. She is as noisy as I am so when I can’t see her and she’s not talking, immediately know that she is up to no good. Apparently, she loves cooking (I did not know that) so I am very keen whenever I’m cooking something. Her help might lead to unexplainable consequences at this time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy she’s growing, I’m just becoming more cautious about what to expect as a mother and what to expect from her now that she’s growing so fast.

What do you think about expectations?

Yours truly,

Quinter Zippy

A Lil Bit of Love❤️❤️

A lil bit of love is all it takes ❤️❤️❤️ Spread the love fam and have a wonderful week. Incase you didn’t get a chance to listen to my #sensualmental podcast check link in bio and enjoy 😘

Who’s At The Door?

Is it honey that will charge the taste on my tongue?
Is it the one that’s behind the phone that rang?
Is it the note that popped off when we sang?
Should I be ready for a bang?
Is it safe to say we can hang?
Should I have only my shoes on, Vera Wang?
I am curious, dang!
I might be slithery, but I got no fangs.
📸 @spencer_charles

Women Changing Women

Motherly Nature

Mothers are great heroines. We are all underrated. I guess not everyone understands the things we go through, but as they say, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” We soon learn how to understand the complexities, ups and downs of motherhood, and rise up, stronger and eager to learn more.

Ever since I gave birth, my main dream has been to see Jacque live a great life. I certainly never realized that I could love someone this much until I saw her smile, and develop slowly as she grew. I knew that I could do anything to make her happy. Create the best version of herself as much as I can.

I never quite understood the meaning of sacrifice, until I became a mother. During one of my thought-recollection sessions, I realized that being a mother turned me into a completely different person. I never realized I could put my needs aside and focus on another person, giving her my full attention.

Apart from finding a purpose in life, it made me put my needs aside and focus on the wellbeing of another person, my daughter. My version of motherhood involves hope and love, a life full of adventure and exploration!

Well, this is my take on a mother’s selfless nature from my experience. What’s yours?

Minor Note in Major Songs

I am that minor note in major songs 😜😘 Have a lovely week fam

Love and War

So fast, unaware before the blow,
Nothing slow,
Not even the raising of the brow,
Touches were silky, now there’s no flow,
Reason, word, sense, no more,
Callibrated, on the low,
Tricks and punches, sore,
Inner connection resolute, hollow,
Six minutes past four,
Still down on the floor,
Love and war,
Sadism at its core,
What’s everything for?
Nothingness, standing at the door.
📸 @andrewthomasclifton

Women Changing Women

Death and Chills!

Who is terrified of death like I am? Whenever I think about it, I just panic and pray that I get the chance to grow old, and get a chance to meet my grandchildren, or even more. I recently dreamt that I died, that’s right, and I was horrified.

The first thing that came on my mind was leaving my daughter, on her own, in a society which isn’t that considerate. I mean, I love this girl so much, I don’t think I’m willing to spend that much time away from her.

We’ve began counting by the way, though not in the right order. I have this strong feeling that she will be a mathematician, determined to achieve her goals at any cost. You should see her counting. She has this harmonious tune to it that makes it so adorable.

See, this is one of the reasons death scares me. These priceless memories that define me as a mother and Jacque’s major steps in life. The ability to grow into a strong and responsible woman and to see this beautiful tiny version of me, my daughter.

I don’t know what death looks like, but I believe it will be sad and unbearable without the people I love. It is currently one of my greatest fears. I pray God grants us more life, happiness and blessings.

What’s your greatest fear?

Fear is Manipulative

Fear is manipulative. Fight it loves. Have a beautiful week full of happiness and love❤️
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Sunday Clears Away the Rust

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week. 🤗 Blessed Sunday loves ❤️
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Process your Thoughts

You cannot respond and react at the same time. One of the greatest lessons of emotional intelligence I have learned so far.
Learn to process your thoughts loves and have a fantastic week ❤️


I inhale from your breath the energy,
that keeps us connected incredibly,
The warmth as it lands on my face keeps me edgy,
My goosebumps have an assembly,
Your commitment is cagy,
It has locked me in remarkably,
The tight grip of your arms, fledgy,
I feel assured even when you are not around me,
With our love for each other we are smudgy,
No apologies, because we are true, really
You are my G,
I am your Molly.
📸 @spencer_charles
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Women Changing Women

I thought the hardest thing I’d have to do was stop Jacque from breastfeeding. My daughter enjoyed every part of it. She’d even cry when she saw food on the table just to get a sympathy breastfeeding session. This girl is too clever for her age.

Children are smart. I knew that when I became a mother. She discovered my weakness and knew how to use it against me. I tried numerous times to ignore her cries but always ended up giving in to her demands.

I always felt insecure, thinking that stopping Jacque from breastfeeding could reduce the bond and connection we have with each other. Thinking about not seeing her beautiful smile, or not enjoying our time together after she stopped breastfeeding made me worried. I finally did it and it changed nothing between us.

It’s been a month since she stopped breastfeeding. I think I broke her heart but she’s probably too proud to admit it. She still remembers it once in a while, especially during her nap times. She also occasionally says “nyonyo” whenever she thinks about it but will never breastfeed even when given the chance.

I’m proud of Jacque. Apart from being bubbly, she also has this independent personality at a young age that promotes her interactions with others and her actions. I am looking forward to share more of her interesting adventures with you love.

Stay safe!

Happy New Month

The road gets so muddy and sticky somewhere in the middle after you have started the journey but what is important is that you started it and you have a clear mind about where you are going. The end will justify the means, it surely should! HAPPY NEW MONTH AND MADARAKA Day loves. Don’t be a quitter, we can do this! ❤️

What’s the Trick?

Freaks for freaks
Less talk, more sticks
If it was to speak,
It would be calling you all week,
It’s not only pleasure that it seeks,
To it you are Special you are on fleek,
What’s the trick?
For keeping it stuck on you like a tick?
For this I wanna be a geek,
Your scent and touch make it weak,
And it waters the whole place, it leaks,
So what’s the trick?
Why is it your cock that it picks?
Right now it needs a click, and quick!
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Women Changing Women

My Happiness

Life is a mystery. A sweet mystery in my case. No one knows what it has in store for them or how to handle specific stages in it. I believe it is what drives us to be better versions of ourselves. Motherhood has been one of those moments in my life that helped me understand the true meaning of happiness, an unexplainable joy in life that comes with a price (lol!).

I often watch my daughter go to sleep. I still can’t believe that she has grown so fast. As interesting as that might sound, it comes with a lot of hard work. Running around with her hoping she doesn’t come into contact with anything dangerous, constantly talking and little time to rest. I think it is part of our stay at home exercises.

She is currently learning how to talk. This stage sounds adorable until she cracks a joke in her language and laughs out loud, leaving us confused and happy at the same time. As my personal story teller, I always expect her to be talking or somewhere where I can see her. Don’t even get me started on what could be happening if she is either silent or nowhere to be seen.

The feeling I can’t quite understand is how I miss her so much when she is asleep and begin to worry when she is awake. If this is motherhood, then I guess I’ll be an overprotective mother. I think I’ll be one of those mothers following their daughters everywhere, sort of like a personal bodyguard.

I hope I’ll share more great experiences with you guys as she grows. Take care!

Unlearn & Relearn

Arguing Black Couple Stock Photos - Download 685 Royalty Free Photos
Photo Courtesy: Dreamtime

So, there is this viral story about a woman who allegedly stabbed the boyfriend because of dirty dishes. The first time I heard it, I was wondering what the fuss was all about, but then I got to think about it critically. A lot of times we delve into relationships without setting the tone about roles, because at the end of the day it is a partnership. We forget and then we sweep things under the rag to the point that they become unbearable.

I do not condone murder, not one bit. However, I do believe that there were many grudges in that lady’s heart and she was even unaware of what she was capable of. She undermined her dark side and she became reckless about it at a time when the outburst was uncalled for. I keep on saying that this issue of “trying to make it work” when the writing is on the wall, is ridiculous. If it is not working, walk away! Now we are over here debating over who should wash dishes or clean or even cook in a relationship. Smh. That was totally besides the reason of that outburst.

The topic of discussion should be “what are the signs of mental breakdowns or mental illnesses or better yet, psychological issues in a relationship? When do you realize you should walk away from a relationship if you cannot “fix” your partner. I think we tend to play too much and we forget the magnitude of certain things in a relationship. Both sexes by the way. People out here have serious issues and most do not even think about dealing with them.

My two cents. We need to know ourselves completely so that we can manage ourselves accordingly. Socrates and Plato called it the temperance form of the soul. It is the most ideal because it involves reason and self-control. Inner desires such as love and passion in intimacy clouds our judgement. Before you get into a relationship ensure you have mastered temperance such that you will decipher it in your partner’s personality too. If you cant identify it in him or her, my dear, save yourself by moving to where it exists.

About the roles, they fall in place naturally and its not about masculinity or femininity. It is about maturity, transcendence, and understanding in relationship. So nobody should start preaching about men’s or women’s hard work or stupid stereotypes yet they are chasing innnovation. The latter instigates a lot of changes in our lives and the only thing that should remain constant is accountability.

Stay safe, meditate, pray, and see you next week.

Yours truly,


Women Changing Women

Strength or Struggle?

Life as a single mom can be hectic. Imagine handling both the mom and dad roles, while also being extra active on your child’s development to ensure she gets all the love, lessons and happiness there is. We never quite stop worrying and this, I admit makes as overprotective, all the time.

For a minute there, we forget we exist. We forego our relaxations, avoid going out and become afraid of meeting new people. Whenever I meet a new person, my introduction always begins with, “I’m Zyppie, and I have a daughter…” hoping that I could get a person’s expression on my parental status either through their facial expressions or their next response.

Everyone is always okay with it, some even start referring to our children as theirs or throw in their names once in a while in our conversations, but do they even mean it? This is what makes dating for single mothers a bit tricky. Some of the men we interact with often smell our vulnerability from a distance, ready to pounce on it.

Sadly, we never know how to differentiate them from the good men out here. We are often left to reason out differently, making us extra cautious and doubtful whenever someone shows interest in us. I think even though this acts as a preventive measure, it can also act as a limitation to our dating life. What do you guys think?

Until next time, stay safe and be good!

Quinter Zyppie

Great Things Ahead

So much to look forward to this week loves.🤗 😉😉 Have a blessed week ahead ➡️ @hallebee_kenya

Pursuit of Sanity – Chapter 2 – Episode 2

No photo description available.

“Come in,” With a raspy voice, Brenda responded to the knock on the door. One of her janitor friends helped her get a temporary room while she was still waiting for an appropriate time to get her permanent one for the year. Nancy’s polite face opened the creaking of the door and she shut it slowly and walked right to where Brenda was, in bed. Brenda’s eyes were bloodshot and swollen and the handkerchief at the side of her pillow seemed also wet and creased.

“How are you feeling? Nancy asked her with sympathy in her eyes. “I am just over everything,” Brenda responded in disillusionment. Nancy’s loyalty to Brenda was real because Brenda was the only one who had her back when she faced difficult times with her pregnancy after the man she slept with denied it. Now it was her time to show up. She tried to cheer Brenda up with the usual gossip but it was evident that Brenda was sinking in quick sand.

Since her verbal cues were flat-lining, she reached out to Brenda to give her a hug. It lasted more than expected and when she moved her head slowly with her hands still wrapped around Brenda’s back, their eyes met and there suddenly there was an awkward feeling that accompanied the stare between the two ladies. Brenda’s brain tried to compartmentalize everything that was going on in her life but it was unable to grasp what was going on in her body.

The moment that their lips grazed each other, it was obvious what the next move was. The vulnerability at that point engulfed every rationality that resided in their brains. Brenda and Nancy held on to the idea of throwing caution to the wind and it did not matter that the door was unlocked. It was dawn in their eyes and they had to start their day. The two ladies held each other tightly as they drown into a deep kiss. The passion that was unraveled was queer but it served its purpose. It was like an emergency according to the nakedness that emerged within a fraction of a minute. The fire was overwhelming because all hell broke lose. They were going to judge themselves later. All they could do is to experience the pleasure in silence.

Stay tuned for episode 3 to find out more…

Yours truly,


Women Changing Women

Challenges of Single Motherhood

Remember back when we were little and we would sing the song about kissing in the tree there was a specific part which was “… first comes love, then comes marriage then comes us with babies…? We all had had that traditional concept of parenting and believed that all the three steps depended on each other.

However, growing has proven to us that life isn’t always as perfect. Things happen, people change, situations change and people prefer different lifestyles. It is therefore possible that overtime, people opt for single parenting either by choice or circumstance. Either way, I believe that it is brave of us to find ways of living as single parents especially with the challenges we face.

In today’s world, single parents face harsh stigmatization especially through cyber bullying. It leads us to have a guilty conscience, questioning every move we make as parents and our relevance in the society both as sole decision makers in our family and through the people we interact with in our daily encounter.

Single mothers always go the extra mile to fit into the society. They are often left struggling between being brave for their children and dealing with the pressure they get from the society. It interferes with their mental health and limits their involvement in the society. As a result, people need to understand that with life, change is inevitable.

I can’t wait to venture into single mothers and dating next week.

Till next week, I love you people!

Unlearn & Relearn

8 ways to manage Social Anxiety Disorder - SpunOut.ie - Ireland's ...
Photo Courtesy: SpunOut

How much of your partner’s information do you tell your friends? Do you have slip-ups about your intimate moments when you get carried away in some social vibe? Or do you think before you talk?

It is always tempting to express some amazing instances that you have with your better half but sometimes we tend to tell more than we should. The question remains, is your boyfriend/girlfriend comfortable about the bit of him or her you expose to your friends? It is important to consider the sentiments or feelings of your partner in such cases, especially if you are in a serious relationship. Do not forget the adage that one man’s meet is another man’s poison. Therefore, what might be cool for you is likely to be shitty for your intimate partner.

Both of you need to get to the point that you transcend in the relationship such that there is mutual respect. When you are at this level, you will be attentive to your instincts whereby you know what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and who to tell.

Another aspect of telling a third party about matters of your relationship is quite sensitive and even I am trying to wrap my head around it. There are times your relationship might become abusive, emotionally or physically, and you try to hold on to it because you do not want to embarrass yourself. However, you should know that the heart is fragile. There are exceptions when you need to reach out to someone else so that they can dictate to you the reality that you are working so hard to ignore. Narcissists and physical abusers can torment you to death, so stay woke and speak up.

Next week, we will try to unlearn and relearn together about which third party we should go to when we need a release and we still want to salvage our relationships. Furthermore, we will even look at whether that relationship is salvageable. The bottom line is that being in a committed relationship requires a lot of emotional intelligence.

I hope that you are keeping safe wherever you are. stay on it. Until next week. Toodles!


Life is all about Perspective

Life is all about perspective. Learn to have a positive one. ➡️ @hallebee_kenya
📸 @hassanmandevu


The laps and rounds,
The reactive sounds,
A little bit of rest abounds,
We were lost, we came, and now we are found,

Back to our marks,
Tender touches to the max,
Not a sprint but a wave of Sensual motion as we relax,
The sheets know our tracks

Fast or slow,
As long as we are both ready to go,
Blow for blow,
More and more.
📸 @hr_uncovered

Women Changing Women

Going with the Flow

I have been sitting here for more than three hours thinking of what to write today. I still don’t know what to write about as we speak. So I do the next available thing, let my fingers do the walking (on my article of course, ha-ha!). Whatever pops up as I write will surely be something.

Sometimes it’s important to focus on ourselves. We are often encouraged to put ourselves first, but what happens when we become parents and have to sacrifice most of our alone time for our children? How can we handle such situations?

I believe everyone goes through growth and faces different experiences making it difficult to compare one experience from the other. Therefore, with growth comes progress which makes it easy to understand different ideas and development of our lives.

Well, growth happens our whole life. We often get to see different developments either physically, emotionally or through the environment around us. The same is also witnessed in our experiences, something which allows us to notice a step we take in life either negatively or positively.

Experiences never quite end in our lives, but offer us chances to do better or inspire others during their growth. I believe both experience and growth have a connection which makes them both inevitable and difficult to predict.

Parenting works the same way making it difficult to compare each other! Sometimes it is also good to go with the flow and experience priceless moments as mothers.

Please stay safe, till next week

Take Your Power Back

Take your power back💪
📸 @andyphotography_ke
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Too Hot To Handle

The heat! Can’t handle. 😜 How is your Sunday?
📸 @andyphotography_ke
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Tucked In

There’s a warmness in your eyes,
A feeling that pries,
Such that my entirety complies
Deep in my mind I romanticize,
How I bagged this prize,
So I can enclose you because you are my size,
Wrapped under my arms even if we capsize,
I am yours, you mine, there is no dice

So have a lovely night,
This is the end of the day flight,
Even as your beautiful silhouette embraces my sight,
Sleep well my lovely light,
The darkness cannot hinder me from hugging you tight,
I am as high as kite,
From this crazy love in me you ignite,
This must be right
📸 @andrewthomasclifton
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Pursuit of Sanity – Chapter 2 – Episode 1

Brenda was exhausted from the long travel and when she arrived in Kiambala, it was barely 5.am. There were many other students at the bust stop and she was not in the mood for exchanging pleasantries because nothing was pleasant in her life in that moment. She wrapped her long scarf around her torso and headed straight to the luggage part of the bus.

Her suitcase was humongous and she had no room in campus, so she was under pressure about settling. She remembered the nightmare that is always at the beginning of the first semester when students have to queue at the administration office to issue their bank slips so that they can go and preserve a room. Brenda was a social person but that trait was just not cutting it. Anyway, she linked up with her friend Hetty, and they found a place to leave their luggage as they went to deal with queue nightmare.

At exactly 5.30 am, the queue was as long as unending tunnel as students who traveled decided to start the registration process early. What did not make sense was that the offices were always opened at 8.00 am and the people offering the services were so slow you would think they were all owners of the school.

It was the first time Brenda felt the campus breeze with Conrad and every joint or path reminded her of their times together. Her heart sunk and it was beneath any hope that anybody could whisper to her. Brenda was like a zombie and she decided she would not join the queue but go find a place to sleep in the mean time.

How was she going to answer questions about Conrad? Why was it even harder facing the reality in campus? The issue was quite mind boggling that she disinterested in knowing who reported to school or who did not. She did not have a room and she did not have a plan to get one soon. One of her janitor friends secured a temporary room for her and she straightened her sheets on the bed to relax, Brenda broke down and she cried hysterically. She called Nancy and the trembling in her voice could not even let her speak with coherence. Brenda was over it.

Catch me next week for episode 2


Women Changing Women

Single Mothers

A newly found friend of mine told me that single motherhood shouldn’t be our definition. According to my friend, being a single mother is by far the bravest thing a woman can ever think of taking part in, making us iron ladies. As a result, single mothers should be the first people to introduce themselves as MOTHERS and not let their identification in the society limit their parenting.

I agree with my friend. For long, the contemporary society has bullied single mothers, made them feel worthless, meaningless or even not worthy of existence. Every day we get to witness a single mother being abused in either way, and the society has made us belittle ourselves, all because we gave birth.

For so long, the society has made single mothers feel like outcasts. I believe it’s wrong. Each parent should be given equal opportunity to raise their children whether single or with a partner. The situation through which a child came to exist should not be used against them or their parents.

I think it’s time we stand up for ourselves and make people know that no matter the circumstances that led to our single motherhood, we are still proud mothers who are willing to do anything for our children just like other parents. If anything, I think single mothers often invest their all in their children, from experience.

Unlearn & Relearn

Black Couple Arguing Stock Photos - Download 677 Royalty Free Photos
Photo Courtesy: Dreamstime

What do you do when your better half does not understand you? You constantly tell him or her how she or he offends you but to her or him your lamentations are more of gimmicks. It gradually becomes a taunting affair where only one person is entertained by his or her own theatrics making the life of the other miserable, emotionally. The thing about emotions is that they are not tangible as paintings or drawings on the wall. They are huge masses in the heart that can be overwhelming.

Sometimes you can get to a point when you are tired of arguing but the frequent taunts and disrespectful demeanor can make you go crazy, especially when you are not allowed to share your problems elsewhere and the only place you can secretly do that is with a close friend or relative who will be quick to tell you to start seeing the begin of the end. It can be mind-boggling, especially when all you want is to make things work as on your end you are careful about what you do or say to your partner according to what you keep on learning about him or her when you are dating.

I know there are stereotypes out there, whereby men are believed to act a certain way and ladies as well. Therefore, with every discussion about such issues someone will ignorantly say “men are known to act like that” or “ladies usually act like that.” Enough with the stereotypes already! Isn’t it prudent to just come to terms with the fact that when you are dating or in a relationship you must consider the other person’s feelings and not that you are “just a man” or “just a woman.” Because once someone becomes tired of arguing, they retreat, and once they retreat, the end begins.

Let us learn to listen to each other. Synthesize the other person concerns and sentiments so that you contribute towards the betterment of your courtship. If you are not ready because you are “sel-absorbed” with me, me mentality, just let it go and give your partner a chance to be appreciated with another person who would be willing work with him or her past their differences.

Until next week, stay home and stay safe loves. Follow the guidelines to the latter and keep up the hope. We will all be fine in no time.



You have a Light, Shine it

Another week for you to shine your light 🤗😉⭐
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Women Changing Women

Being Yourself

When does a parent know when to panic, or when to stay calm? How are we supposed to react to certain issues relating to our children and their daily enounters? I think its better to treat them the way we would like to be treated by others. It means that we should also react the same way we could hope for them to react when having the same issues with their peers and their children in the future.

Funny thing is that, we often develop beliefs from watching a certain child being raised or from our own experiences. I never quite understand how that works, but I’m also guilt of this situation. For instance, whenever a child falls we often here “usimwangalie kwa macho, atalia” do such people mean that the pain the child goes through is measurable through eye contact? Is there any harm in that? Ha-ha!  I just love our African heritage, and I hope we’ll find new traditions soon.

Anyway, I often tell my self that my major goal as a mother is to be unique and as open with my daughter as possible. I sometimes think of my parenting as a personal relationship with her and I often find myself talking to her even though she’s only 17 months old. I believe it all begins with expressing my feelings and emotions towards the different exciting or scary things she goes through in her life.

I always dream of a time where she’ll be my best friend. I believe now its the time to start nurturing that bond. I can’t wait to play many roles in her life and be someone she can look up to. In the meantime, please stay safe and take care of yourself.

Till next week! Stay at Home and Stay Safe.

Quinter Zyppie

Examine Your Life

An unexamined life is not worth living ~ Socrates
Always have a non-conformist attitude and be critical so that you are a better person everyday loves.🤗. The thrill is in the learning curve. Blessed week
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Women Changing Women

Super Mothers

Happy new month by the way! If I had the chance, I could pause this part of my daughter’s growth just to watch her walk and struggle with her words. Well, of course, I would not wish to repeat living in a time like this, filled with the global pandemic and in constant panic and tension.

On a brighter note, I always find strength in seeing my daughter take her steps. She often makes an adorable face, moving her hands from front to back as if they are her wings, motivating her feet to move.

However, her ability to move has triggered her curiosity. I’ve never talked this much, to someone I can only assume understands my language, ha-ha! As interesting as this stage of her growth may be, it often allows first time mothers as myself to learn how to deal with different situations.

I’m often motivated by her constant development, and her determination to learn more even as a child. I can’t wait to witness her learn to talk, where I’ll get to create myths and different explanations of what to do or not to do.

I often like to think of motherhood as a training. Something that brings me closer to ‘superhumanhood’ (if a word like that exists) dealing with different growth stages of a child assures a mother of unlimited ability to deal with different struggles.

Till next week, take care loves!

Unlearn & Relearn

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy

Is there really something like “love is blind?” I honestly don’t know about that realistically speaking. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I am trashing the “inner beauty” concept. Let’s be real, even though there is more than what meets the eye, what meets the eye is the introduction of every other thing.

So I was watching this reality show in which random ladies and men are meant to get on blind dates so that they learn how to connect with each other until each of them finds the most suitable partner who they get engaged with and they are set for a wedding in like 30 days. Ps: this is totally a tall order for me, since they meet after the other person proposes. Can you imagine saying yes then you meet someone whose physical traits are a solid naah for you. I will call that shit off haha…okay I will be confused and frustrated.

Just a short story. There was that time when I indulged in an online dating exercise and some guy and I decided to meet. Mark you those were the days when Facebook was the main social media dish and photos were not exactly anywhere in the menu. Therefore, we exchanged numbers and decided to meet somewhere public. Yoooo…I think the universe was on my side that day because I was walking from a far and I made the call, then saw the person that picked it, I was like “no , thank you.” It was a wrap after I hit the block button.

Many years later, when there was the advent of photos, I had this guy that I connected with deeply through chats. It was almost surreal that I started second guessing myself whether the belief in love being blind was growing in me. The phone calls were different because they were not as intense as the texts. However, the bets were off for me when I met him physically and he was a total douchebag, drunk, and arrogant. That is when I stamped my opinion about love not being blind. First impression is not a fallacy. It matters.

Oh well, I don’t know about you but we get to unlearn and relearn about this together. Feel free to share what you think in the comment section. I need more convincing about this “love is blind” thing.

Until next time. Toodles! Stay Safe and Stay at home.

Yours truly,


Women Changing Women

My Take on Current Parenting

One thing about parenting is that we worry too much about everything. The past, the present and the future all give us goose bumps especially when they involve our children. Like right now this Corona menace has magnified my paranoia to the point that I cant bear! Particularly because I have a baby. We often use our instincts as a form of precaution, guiding us through raising our children in a way we believe is right.

I always believe that parenting is always a journey full of surprises which manifest themselves in different ways. It is how we take up different tasks and involve our children in what we do that determines the type of people we raise.

In most instances, I panic thinking of how fast the world is changing, how different people interact, and how dangerous our interactions are becoming. These changes affect both our children’s group and ability to communicate.

I envy our childhood. Playing outside, interacting with our neighbors, more physical activities and unity among our young selves. I hope that as a mother, I will give my daughter the chance to experience the joy of playing with others, learning new things and defining her social environment through the people around her.

I believe parents need to familiarize their children with their roots. Until next time…. Stay safe wherever you are. Matter of fact, stay at home and keep your children safe! This Corona pandemic is no joke.


Quinter Zyppie

Women Changing Women


Parenting can be a bit tricky and interesting at the same time. No one knows the exact formula of parenting, but one thing we can all agree on is that we are often happy when our children develops to the next step.

I never knew that parents are also curious and anxious beings always waiting to capture any slight development in their baby till I became one. Since day one I always wondered, when could Jacques first open her eyes, or have her first smile, or grow her first tooth, start crawling or even walking.

I’m happy all those took place but now that she is walking (she’s still scared though) I constantly imagine how amazing it will be to see her play with the other kids. Don’t get me wrong, she loves other kids, she gets so excited when she sees them she starts talking, although I don’t quite understand her language (I assume its French, lol!).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve realized that as parents we’ll never get enough of seeing our children grow or learn new things. We all expect our children to have the best and be the best and that all starts with them trying to be their best versions.

Just like growth, parenting is an endless journey. Till next week, stay safe and take care!

I Am Proud of you Hard Workers

If you are on your grind and you feel 24hours is not enough for you to do everything lined up in your plan but you determined to get them done. You are working hard and I am proud of you👏Have a blessed week loves.🤗
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Women Changing Women

Final Episode

I always look at my daughter and smile. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that she is mine. “She is my miracle” that’s what I always say, “a priceless gift that God gave me.” I know parents can relate, struggling from not knowing if your child will survive birth to understanding their unique form of growth.

I am not any different. The thought of going a theatre room for the first time scared me so much I cried my eyes out. However, the thought of losing my child scared me the most, I was willing to do anything to save her.

I was giving myself hope of everything being okay and things not being that serious with my pregnancy when the clinical officer and a few nurses came looking for me. The clinical officer told me, “You need to get to the theater as soon as possible before your baby’s heart stops beating”

That statement kept on ringing through my mind, I felt like I could explode. The 45 minutes in surgery felt like years, and I couldn’t help but say a little prayer every minute hoping that my baby was okay.

The process was soon done, I heard my baby crying. That was the happiest moment of my life. I felt like jumping of the bed, even though my legs were still numb from the anesthesia. Later that day when I got to hold her and look into her eyes, still struggling to see the world around her, I knew I could do anything for her, I experienced the joy of motherhood.

Until next week, stay tuned!

Unlearn & Relearn

When we play with fire, we place ourselves in a momentum of hot spikes. The spikes that confirm the lightness of air, which rises above us to form a cloud of smoke. Our intentions are then consumed with fumes that only we formed and we chock as we reach for the burns that we get from misdirected flames.

We still swing the fire, despite the burns. Desperate for oblivion, we swallow the pain in a bid to make it invincible. But our knowledge is limited because we do not realize that we are overwhelmed.

Forgiveness in any relationship is an antidote and a pain reliever. It stands for a selfish cause, and not in a bad way. However, it is one of the greatest mountains in the world and to reach its peak, we have to decide and commit.

Even though nature forces us to, we do not need to swallow hard when someone wrongs us. We only need to bite and chew gradually, then it will all be minced inside and excreted to the past. Swallowing hard build a tumor of emotions within us and we are doomed for instability.

In this edition of Unlearn and Relearn , we light the “Let Go- Lantern” and set ourselves free as it is lifted in the air to ascend to an unknown place. To a place where our troubles fit. We feature one soulful diva who has a voice that is strong enough to make the White House crumble such that a state of emergency is declared. Yes! Christina Aguilera’s voice means war, war towards music satisfaction. She is one of few artists with valuable pieces of music advice.

Her song “Blank Page” that was written by her as well as Chris Braide and the mysterious Sia Furler teaches us how to turn over a new leaf. These songwriters captured reconciliation and forgiveness as a double dose of inner peace. I could not agree with them more. We need to release to relax. Built up pressure has no significance in your life. Breathe it out like its hot air.

See you next week as we unlearn and Relearn more.

Toodles! ❤️

Difficult doesn’t mean Impossible

Just because it is difficult doesn’t mean it is impossible. Stay on it and shine your light in the darkness. Blessed week loves.🤗
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Women Changing Women

Motherhood Decisions!

Mothers go through a lot especially when preparing for the delivery of their babies. One might think that the happiness comes from finishing the race, but the truth is, mothers are always happy to finally get to see and hold their angels, someone they anxiously waited to meet for nine months straight.

I wasn’t that different. Witnessing deaths, complications and different sicknesses had messed up my expectations. I became more paranoid. I could even hold my breath just to try and feel my baby’s heartbeat or her kicks. The remaining days to induction felt like years. I didn’t care, I just wanted to meet my princess and know that everything could be fine.

I was so excited at week 34 of my pregnancy when I was cleared for induction. I think those were the most anxious couple of hours of my life. I called my closest family members, prepared them for the arrival of the newest member of the family.

It was not until the next day, 14 hours later that we realized that my labor induction had failed, twice. The first danger sign I felt was a reduction in my baby’s movement. It was so unlike her, ha-ha! It might sound unbelievable but she had her scheduled time of kicking and I could constantly feel her movements, which was not the case that Wednesday morning.

I rushed to the nurse in-charge that morning who felt her heartbeat and looked at me with an expression I hoped meant everything was okay. She didn’t say much, she just called the clinical officer who felt my baby’s heartbeat and rushed outside, coming back with a couple of forms which I was to sign in preparation for surgery.

My baby was in danger, there was no time to think, and it was either that time or no time. I thank my two closest people, my big sister, Beryl and brother, Ade who constantly called and prayed with me and I believe that they were the reason I made that decision…

Gosh! It has been emotional, until next week, I still love you all.

Unlearn & Relearn

Source: Shutterstock Photos

I am sure you know how it feels when you want something so bad and you cannot get it. The moment that it is handed over to you on sort of a “silver platter,” you would bet that you have developed super powers. Best believe that when it was offered to you through a way that was not straightforward or a blatantly wrong circumstance you would face a mind-boggling moment.

You would start to think of how you would bend the rules, even if you were the purest of all. Literally, the streams of justifications in your mind at that time would create a loophole for compromise of values and a mindset of “it’s just a sip.” So you would go with something like “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most justified of them all?” Your religion? Temptation!

Having said that, I believe that temptations slither into relationships because either partner is not interested in the likes of the other or simply put, he or she ceases to be interested in those likes and desires after sometime in the relationship life-line. Some of those things can be quite simple, like a cosy moment together. Therefore, Jesse will try tolerate the fact that Jane no longer watches a series with him or Debbie will try tolerate the fact that David is disinterested in any romantic gesture. All these would be for the sake of both love and commitment. However, do not be fooled. The bomb will go off when you least expect it and it will shatter you into pieces.

Essentially, when you learn that your partner desires or likes something and you ignore it or care less about it, rest assured that he or she will find it somewhere else. There is always another individual willing to fill that blank , knowingly or unknowingly. It is at this point that either of partners subscribes to temptation as a religion which ultimately consumes him or her and results in complications.

As humans, we are meant to desire or like. It is normal. Therefore, if you decide to be in a committed relationship, commit to learning such desires of your partner so that both of you evolve to the point of a covalent bond (My chemistry is intact! haha ;-)). Let us learn that relationships are not jobs but platforms that help us transcend into beneficiaries of soul-fulfilling experiences and great portions of happiness that remind us how human we are.


I want to be fearless! Have a fab week loves.🤗
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Unlearn & Relearn

A Cruise Ship or a Boat, it doesn’t matter

Angela was stuck at sea for a while. She hoped for a ship to arrive in her location for months, but none did. The frustration became overwhelming, and she didn’t know what to do anymore. Besides, she was almost out of supply, and she wondered whether traveling alone was the right decision. “It is the right one,” Angela quipped to herself, as she remembered the pollution that she had endured in the past months. However, isolation makes her thirsty and cranky. She needs a boat ride to the pleasure spot as soon as possible

Many women are sexually unsatisfied in their relationships because of their fixation on penis size. It is the reason why some avoid sexual intercourse for months despite many advances from men. Sadly, they are wrong because vagina-Tribbing is one of the best sexual positions for lesbians, and it doesn’t include the use of a long hard fat shaft. So what is the fuss about penis size? I believe it is the product of too much pornography.

The truth is that men with penis sizes that are between 3.5 -5 inches in both length and girth can make give any woman large doses of the orgasm as many times as possible. It is the size of the boat that she can ride to the pleasure spot daily. And the reason is simple! Men with this penis size range can reach the most sensitive part of the vagina, which located between 1-3 inches inside and the G-Spot that you can find around the 2-3 inches area. So a so-called small penis can penetrate the vagina and give intense pleasure with the right motion and technique. Does size still matter?

While most women will tell you that size does matter, I believe it doesn’t. Sexual satisfaction is not just about penetration, thrusting, and pumping the vagina like an inflatable ring. It is the product of the effective use of several non-penetration techniques that stimulates the pleasure spots that leads to orgasm. As I said earlier, lesbians enjoy vagina-Tribbing more than a strap-on because it provides the clitoral stimulation that leads to an earth-shattering orgasm.

On a final note, size doesn’t matter and will never do if a man knows how to use his tools to pleasure his woman for as long as she wants. Instead of focusing on the size, identify sexual positions that fit your penis size (and there are lots of them) and stick to them. As Angela said, all a woman wants is a boat ride to the pleasure spots daily. Do you still want a cruise ship or a boat ride? Drop your views in the comment sections, and let’s learn from you.


See you next week


Pursuit of Sanity – Chapter 1 – Section 6

It was a rather chilly and dull morning when Brenda woke up to a random phone vibration that made her toss her bed covers to the side very fast. Conrad wrote her a very vague and non-emotional message that read “Cool. I will be in town by 4 pm.” They never had such meatless conversations since they started dating in campus but for sure Brenda could work with anything at that point because she was desperate to see him and get to the bottom of everything. The previous night, she had initiated the conversation by telling him that she would go to her cousin’s in Kileleshwa, which was Conrad’s hood. Therefore, Brenda had to lie to her aunt about travelling back to school on that day so that she could go somewhere where she had the freedom to meet Conrad and talk to him.

The catch, however, was that Brenda needed to move to her cousin’s with her entire luggage for it to look like she was traveling back to school on that day for real. She prepared herself and put on an impeccable act to sell her lie and when her friend, Lucy, came over to help her with the luggage, Brenda was thrilled. Her heart was full of excitement about Conrad such that her palpitations were on an inexplicable type of high. Time was on full speed such that it was around 3 pm and Brenda and Lucy were still in the house.

Ten minutes later, she received a call from Conrad, asking her where she was at that time and she said she was just about to leave as she had some luggage. An opportunity presented itself to Conrad whereby he started blowing unnecessary tantrums about her not being serious that had not left the house yet they agreed to meet about 4 pm. He acted like he was too busy and by 4 pm he would leave whether or not they had met. The level of pettiness in his voice threw Brenda off such that they got into a painful brawl over the phone and she blurted out a strong, “You know what Conrad, if you want to go, go! GO!” She hang up immediately.

The tension in that moment also got Lucy wiled up because she did not understand what the fuss was about. All that remained was for Brenda to confirm with her cousin, Anne, whether her temporary stay-over was still on. At least, that part of the plan was still on point. However, just the luggage itself dismantled her brain into pieces. She could not think anymore. She was fed up with Conrad but at the same did not want to lose him.

Lucy helped her with the luggage until they alighted from the bus in town and Brenda had to board another bus to Kileleshwa. A cab was too expensive for her at that point. Besides, her day had already dived into a hollow. After bidding Lucy goodbye and boarding the bus, her mind roamed and the only placed it stopped was in the last conversation she had with Conrad over the phone a few hours back. She was so torn that she just wanted to arrive at Anne’s and try to sleep.

On arrival at Anne’s, it was clear that Brenda was trying to fix her face to portray happiness. The bonding session between the two of them was on and off for the four days she stayed there since they were not the closest of cousins. Brenda learned a lot from Anne about her family. Some memories were good and some were extremely bad. Still, the only thing that grazed her heart was the fact that Conrad ignored her the entire time. She never saw him. Sunday was fast approaching and she prepared to travel since she had booked the 8 pm bus.

Brenda left Anne’s place that evening and met up with one of her best friends, Hetty, who was together with her boyfriend, Dennis. Brenda and Hetty had booked the bus together and the good thing was that they were traveling to school together. The worst thing was that she was without a boyfriend and was still in denial. How was she going to cope in campus, given that everybody new her and Conrad as the ultimate couple? Brenda was devastated. She was not ready for that drastic change. Not after all the sacrifices she made for the man. Conrad had her heart in his palm and he was just squashing it continually like a beanbag.

Next week we will be on to a new chapter loves. https://beautyanytime.com/vegalash-review/

See you then. Lotsa love!

Women Changing Women

Unveiling my Truth

I always look at my daughter and just smile. She is a miracle. Watching her grow, seeing her taking the different steps like a boss makes me proud. I know most mothers can relate to the fear and the different episodes of their delivery. This is my story, the beginning of different episodes that led to the delivery of my princess, my miracle.

In my 30th week of pregnancy, things took a strange turn. It had been the third day since I had experienced that strange feeling. Leaking every morning, I almost thought that the baby inside me had turned my bladder into a football, causing me to have uncontrollable accidents, if you know what I mean, ha-ha!

I remember sharing this story as a joke to my big sister, and we laughed it out, joking that my baby will grow to be an athlete, and that she was taking her training (kicking) seriously, as an early bird. Well, everything seemed like a joke until we discovered that the leaks were actually as a result of my water breaking. I didn’t know, was I okay, would the baby be okay, what would happen, would we survive? I was confused, I was afraid, I didn’t know what to do.

I was rushed to the hospital, thinking that the baby had come early, 10 weeks early to be exact, and that’s when I discovered that maternity, delivery, all this is not a joke. I was admitted for 22 days, witnessing the struggles of motherhood, mothers losing their children, others experiencing long labor pains before giving birth and other babies suffering from serious illnesses from birth, including being born underweight.

These are some of the experience that made me paranoid even as an expectant mother, leading to constant fear of the unknown even while I was in the hospital. I guess what I am trying to say is that mothers go through a lot just to hold their little ones. You never quite know the meaning of “doing anything for the person you love” till you get to experience the risk of losing your child.

Tune in next week for more from this story, unveiling my journey to delivery. Till next time, I love you!

Quinter Zyppie https://beautyanytime.com/vegalash-review/

Unlearn & Relearn

Compromise in Relationships

I was watching a movie about a lady who was becoming overwhelmed because of tolerating the fact that the boyfriend did drugs. The man had a prominent job and she was his secretary and had fallen in love with him even though it started off as purely sex. They started becoming serious, well at least for the lady, and it was until she had to bail him out of jail because of DUI charge that I realized how much work she had. Obviously, she was fooling herself thinking that she would change him anyway.

I drowned myself in deep thought and even paused the movie for awhile to just familiarize myself with her situation. There is a very fine line between imposing change on someone and working to see the best of someone for the betterment of your relationship. I used to be the one who ran away when I saw even a slight red flag. I was never willing to even think about seeing beyond it because of a traumatic experience with someone who ambushed me at the worst of times, when I had settled. Settling became a sin for me. It was never in my vocabulary.

However, after various mishaps and stories told, I learned there is a bit of sacrifice that I had to make when I was ready for a serious relationship. I had started learning how to compromise, meet the other person halfway until I watched that movie. Sometimes we can try to compromise when the other person is not even trying to think about the word compromise. Dating a drug addict, abusive person or a person who has so many vices that you thought you would never tolerate means that you are in love, but at what point is the love destructive?

I don’t know about you but I believe that you learn when your compromise is worth it from your arguments. If you are the one who always has to let it go and be like “Okay, fine let’s just get past this?” there is a very big problem and you are gradually losing who you are. Compromise should be a two-way traffic and both of you should meet right at the middle. When you sense that that is not the case, you are drowning! You better grab life boat and gather your senses to realize that life is all about you being happy and progressing to the next level together. No one should force change on you, it should come naturally out of love because if it does not, you probably should not be together. Arguments are for getting betting not for stirring resentment and complacency in it. https://beautyanytime.com/vegalash-review/

Stay woke loves and see you next week.


Hey Cupid

My heart is caught in some sort of hostage,
Because I have a desperate longing
Its like a song i didn’t finish on stage,
But this one time I need it in,
Can we just flip the page?
Because I am eager to fall in,
Fall into depth of our own age,
I am glad to have this feeling
I love this emotional cage,
It makes me rember my duty to show what’s within,

Can I order a large plate of love,
A strong drink of trust,
A promise of one person that I will always have,
A flight from the past,
Coz I really don’t know what else you can serve,
When I am thrilled by something that is more than lust,
My arch and curve,
Speak louder and settle even before the dust,
In my order is everything I deserve,
This Valentine’ Day will be my first
📸 @andrewthomasclifton
#BerylChronicles #sensualpoetry

VegaLASH Review – Best Eyelash Serum For Growth

Women Changing Women

Life as a Mother 101

Sometimes life makes us different, changes our approach on different issues, and sometimes, makes us forget about ourselves. Days, weeks, even months and a year have passed since my bundle of joy was brought into this world, by me of course. I promised her everything within my reach, I didn’t know that could make me forget all about myself.

Having some alone time and having to constantly listen to people telling me, “eey, you’ve lost weight” or “you used to look good” has made me realize that as mothers, we take a lot of time ensuring that all our children’s needs are met, always ignoring ours.

We need to understand that taking care of our children begins with taking care of ourselves. We need to look good together, make ourselves adorable and amazing to look at. Let the world know that we are indeed the supermoms the world needs to have.

Well, it took me 1 year and 3 months to realize this, and I’m guessing it’s not too late to see if it’ll work. I would want my daughter to get the best, but I could also love to hear her say that she learnt from the best, both spiritually, physically and emotionally. Motherhood should be considered as the beginning of a journey, full of adventure, change, progress and learning sessions.

Well let’s all stand up, shake off the dust from our feet and show them who the boss is! Until next time with more discoveries, take care my loves and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! https://beautyanytime.com/vegalash-review/